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Fantastic Advertorial or Fantastic Tokenism?

June 5, 2010

ETA: The gorgeous Amy has alerted me to the fact that this is part of an entire issue that uses ordinary men in their photos as opposed to models, so this isn’t quite as simple as one big guy in a magazine. I’m going to try and hunt it down and see for myself.

Courtesy of Black Book (

It’s been noted before that the current wave of plus sized visibilty in fashion magazines has been 100% female oriented, with men’s fashion slowly emaciating itself. So it’s raised a few eyebrows that mens’ fashion magazine Fantastic Man used a plus sized male model in their new advertorial for H&M.

I have mixed feelings about it. First of all yes, I’m super pleased that a hot, husky dude is being used in a high fashion spread like this. But I am also aware that it is definitely tokenism, and doesn’t signal any specific change in the fashion industry the way plus sized female models are. It’s also worth noting that Fantastic Man is very much an avant garde magazine, and deviates from the fashion norm where possible. That’s not a bad thing at all – I’ve had the pleasure of reading through older copies and it’s a wonderful magazine – but at the same time, it’s never going to have the global reach of Glamour’s Lizzie Miller photo, for example. There’s nothing to be read into the photos – it is just a model who happens to be bigger than most.

But you know, variety is variety, and I am pleased that there is a spread out there featuring a bigger fella. I’ve noted for a while that male plus sized fashion is severely under represented in the fatshion blogging world, when there are definitely bigger guys who are as into expressing themselves fashionably as all of us. And from what I’ve seen, the choices for bigger mens’ fashion are absolutely dire. A few fellas spring to mind, such as my friend Dan Huntley, Nick A.K.A Mr Definatalie and the occassional sartorially daring big guy on Lookbook who manage to dress awesomely despite this conundrum.

What do you all think? And more importantly, if you’re a bigger fella who likes fashion, I’d love to hear from you! Send your (or your boyfriends/friends/husbands’) outfit pictures to lauren.darling at (clothes on, please) and I’ll do a post showing how cool and fashionable you all are.


Dressing room raid

May 13, 2010

You have until TOMORROW to get 10% off orders over £40 at Evans with EVPOCKET!

Oh, it’s been a while since I’ve done one of these – a while since I’ve had the time to dedicate a whole day to shopping. But hurrah! Today was that day, and unlike before I was actually able to buy a few bits, too. Win all round. But enough of my waffle, and on to the photos, yes? Please note: I apologise for them being crappy quality iPhone photos (lost my SD card so can’t use my camera, hence the lack of OOTD’s too), I also apologise for my goofy face, lack of skirt and that one annoying strand of hair that keeps getting in my face.

Yours Clothing

Tulip hem dress. I’ve seen lots of different patterns of this, but this was the only one in store today. I love the shape of it though, and the pattern was gorge. SOLD!

I was so impressed with this! It’s from the Allison Hammond range, and it’s pretty much the only plus size garment that even hints at the Burberry Prorsum drapes from last year. Tried it with a belt too:

I pretty much love it (yes if I was to wear it outside, then there would be a skirt or leggings involved!). Was trying not to buy too much so left the top for another day. It will be mine though. And that fantastic belt: SOLD!


I hoped I’d be able to work this tunic as a dress, but sadly it didn’t look quite right on me. It’s beautiful though, definitely for someone much taller and with far ampler bosoms than myself.

Man. I wanted to love this so hard, but alas I seem to have a very different body to Evans’ fit model meaning that dresses never seem to look correct on me. Such a shame as it’s so cute and bang on trend. And in the sale if memory serves…

My khaki aversion is slowly being beaten down by the fashion business. This top isn’t normally my cup of tea but is definitely cute!

I think my face tells you everything you need to know here. Just when I thought all hope was lost, though…

Ahh, that’s better! Totally fell in love with this, despite not usually enjoying embroidered stuff. It’s delicate and pretty, but could be versatile, too. SOLD!


So I attempted to ‘make it work’ again! I believe the gorgeous Sakina has this jacket, and I thought I’d give it a go. This is an M, about a 10-12, but it is made of thick lovely jersey, the kind that feels like a nice hug when you wear it. Of course, it didn’t do up but there were no buttons anyway – it’s meant to be open! I really liked it, although an L would have been better I think.

(side view)

This skirt is also a size M. This looks like it belongs to Ulrika – to be honest I didn’t think I’d get it past my knees, but the stretch is ridiculous! It ticks all the boxes for me: flouncy, delicate, flowery… SOLD!

Attempting a mix and match. Not sure.

This dress was a size L, so 14-16. It fit but I feel these types of dresses are better when they flow. And, if I so much as put my head forward the back would ride up. Not bad, though!

New Look Inspire

Liked this cardigan on a lot more than I expected – I do like the buttoned at the top deal as it reminds me of 50’s twinsets. Here it is done up properly:

Not bad.

As nice as this looked, the material felt quite flimsy and as a result the top didn’t feel nice on. Which is a shame!

Similar to before, although the bottom half was made of a better material. I have to be honest though, I don’t understand why people would want bubble hemmed tops – dresses yes, but tops seems a little strange! This was sweet, though.

So there you have it! What is your fave item/look? I must say, I’m an idiot for passing up the Allison Hammond top as that with the belt is my favourite look, hands down. Next time!