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2 x OOTDs – Yes, Really!

June 14, 2010

…Because you miss my mug, right? These pics are special as they were taken by my lovely mum in our garden – so obviously I couldn’t get too Vogue. Apologies for the picture quality – you can click on the images to get the full size versions…

Lace overlay Dress: Simply Be
Shoes: New Look
Necklace: Wee Sparrow

I’ve been buying clothes from Simply Be since I was a teenager, so I was super excited when they contacted me – they sent me this gorgeous dress I’d been eyeing for ages, from their Frock’n’Frill range. Frock’n’Frill is my favourite range in Simply Be at the moment though they have collections by Mica Paris, Anna Scholz and Joe Browns. Unfortunately while the dress was the perfect length on Valerie and a smidgen too short on Dee, I had to lop a good few inches off the bottom! But I think it’s the perfect length now, and I love it so much. It fits like a dream! The shoes are also wonderful:

Vintage style courts from New Look’s Wide Fit section.

I recently won my first ever competition = $50 worth of jewellery from Wee Sparrow – I didn’t even realise I’d entered! But I chose some lovely necklaces and this is one of them.

Dress: ASOS Curve
Heels: Evans

Words cannot express how much I love this dress. I love the fact that ASOS Curve had the balls to make it in the first place – not only do you have the outrageous ruffle, but both the front and back are fully ruched -the detailing is incredible. And you know what? It’s made of thick jersey knit, making it one of the most comfortable dresses I own. I have no idea when I’ll get to wear it in public but I’ll make an occasion if I have to!

Also, on the subject of ASOS Curve you should definitely check out the lovely Vanessa‘s blog – she’s their fit model and has really opened my eyes to the laborious processes retailers go through. Though I feel she should be their actual model as well as the fit model, she’s stunning!

Totally in love with these shoes – again, not only do they look fab, they’re really comfortable! A++, ASOS Curve & Evans!


New dress x3

March 6, 2010

Oh my poor little blog! My life’s been incredibly hectic now I’m trying to branch out and do more fun stuff with my life. Which is sad because I enjoy this so much and don’t have the time to keep up with it and all of you. BOOOO. I hope everyone is well!

My stupidly busy weeks have been punctuated with nice purchases though, so I figured I should show you all here, complete with links to those still on sale – here goes…

Shift dress, Shoes: New Look Inspire/Wide Fit
Spot tights: Simply Be
Lace gloves: ASOS
Black shrug: Yours Clothing
Pink bow headband: Primark

Pictures just don’t do this dress justice. It’s probably the best thing I’ve ever bought from New Look Inspire, it has a lovely shape to it and fits beautifully!

Dogtooth dress/tunic: Yours Clothing
Red tights: Evans
Shoes: New Look Wide Fit

Black, white and red is probably my favourite colour combination, and I try to wear it as much as I can. Not sure if it started before or after I became an obsessed Interpol fan (now jovially referred to as InterLOLOLOLOL) but it’s stayed with me for a long time. As soon as I saw this top on the web I knew it had to be mine! This is one of the few perks of being a shortarse, in that I can wear longline tops as dresses, like this. Like the dress above, I’d say this is the best thing I’ve bought from Yours, and I’ve been buying from them for years. The turnaround is really cool to see.

Lace overlay dress: Dorothy Perkins Tall range
Velvet belt: Evans
Spot tights: Simply Be
Shoes: New Look Wide Fit
Sequin bow headband: Primark

I tried on and bought this dress in a rush last week, not sure whether I like it or not. I know now that I don’t like it. I fucking LOVE it! The underlay is tshirt material, so it’s deceptively comfy but still makes me feel all glam. All the lace around at the moment makes me so happy! I’ll probably wear this out to my birthday next week.

Let me know what your fave outfit is! xx

Outfit: florals and (fake) fur

January 30, 2010

Talk about being all dressed up with nowhere to go.


Dress: Evans
Faux fur coat: thrifted (cost me £5!)
Belt and boots: New Look
Headband: Primark

Has everyone seen the lovely article on fat fashion blogs in the Guardian? Check it out here. Fat Girls Like Nice Clothes Too!, Young Fat & Fabulous, Musings of a Fatshionista, Forays in Fatshion, Fatshionable, The Manfattan Project, Fatshionista, and Frocks & Frou Frou are all featured, photographed and/or interviewed. It’s so great, well done ladies! I have to say I’m pretty jealous – I bloody LOVE Kira Cochrane!

It’s so cool that there are incredible fashionable, stylish plus sized blogs popping up all over the net now. I try and add them all to my links but can barely keep up! So if you have a blog and I’ve forgotten to link you then badger me and I’ll make sure to add you. You’re all completely inspirational. Kiss Kiss!

Outfit: Double Dress

January 16, 2010

Thanks so much for all your positive comments regarding the size debate bingo, and for retweeting and posting to your tumblrs! Hope it managed to help you not leave fashion forums with a bad taste in your mouths.

As some of you may be aware, it’s been quite cold in England of late. Like everyone else I cheerfully opened my wardrobe to grab some jumpers and was confronted with a summers’ worth of cotton dresses. Not good. My answer? I doubled up, using this jumper dress which is now a bit too short for me to wear alone:

Black jumper dress: Dorothy Perkins (18)
Cotton flower dress: Evans (20)
Shooties: New Look (6 EE)

silly pose

action shot!

Not included are my wellies, which are a bit gothtastic, embarrassingly.

Outfit: Happy new year!

January 3, 2010

Hello all, I hope you all had a great Christmas and new year! As 2009 had been a bit of a catastrophe for my family we decided to hold a party for us and our besties to end the year on a better note. Obviously I wanted to look nice and here was the result:

Dress: Yours Clothing (only ten quid now!)
Cardigan: Evans
Shooties: New Look
Bow headband: Primark

I don’t have any real resolutions for the new year, although one thing I would like to do is support fledgling, independent plus size designers. I hope to be able to collect some pieces from people such as Carmakoma, Jibri and Monif C and hopefully help build up this burgeoning fashion forward plus industry!

What did you get up to on NYE? If you wore something spectacular send your pics to Tiffany of Fat Shopaholic and get featured on her awesome blog.

Also I’d like to wish a happy belated birthday to the delectable Amy of Wolf Whistle – hope you have a magical year, poppet!

Ghosts of Halloween past…

October 31, 2009

Happy Halloween everyone! Alas my unemployment-imposed exile from any social activity means I’ll be staying in with some horror DVD’s (Lost Boys, Audition, The Hunger, Garth Marenghi’s Darkplace… ha!) dressed only as Lauren Ding. It makes me sad because I LOVE dressing up! Last year I went to three fancy dress parties, so I figure I’ll show you what I went as.

This time last year I went to my friend’s Halloween party as Holly Golightly. I had all the accessories, the cigarette holder, gloves and tiara and prescription sunglasses but there doesn’t seem to be any pictures with all of it – possibly too drunk by the time the cameras came out… Oops.


Earlier in the year my friend held a birthday party – unbeknown to her, we arranged for it to be biblical fancy dress (it was Easter weekend I think) and as it was her birthday, she would be God. I faffed about my costume for weeks before deciding on the day to go as the Garden of Eden:


(Why do I look so grumpy?)


Detail shot! The flowers and foliage were fake and sewn on. I made Adam and Eve, the snake and the apple in felt and stuck them on with sticky tape. Funnily enough my friend turned up as the apple, we weren’t sure if it was a red or green apple so she was half and half. Oh dear.


My absolute favourite costume though was for my friends’ club’s Halloween special. I went as Babs Gordon aka Batgirl aka Oracle aka my favourite comic character EVER EVER EVER!


…HAHAHAHAHAHA. Oh jeez. I got a lot of compliments though, as not many people turned up in fancy dress that night so I had a lot of people asking for my photo, as if I was some celebrity!


Hanging out with Edward Scissorhands and one half of The Shining Girls, aww. Camilla, Alex and John are djing at Hell House tonight, they even offered guestlist but I can’t afford to go. Sob!

What are you all going as for Halloween?

Outfit: Jumper Dress

October 6, 2009

Who knew looking through all the runway shows of fashion weeks would take SO. MUCH. TIME?! Seriously. I feel like a fashion zoid. Since straight size fashion has dominated the blog recently, I figure I’ll interrupt with a couple of posts about stuff we can actually wear and afford, before rounding up Paris and then figuring out which trends we can rip off in a few months. Yay!

But first, a little outfit:

Dress: Dorothy Perkins (a few years old)
Mid heels: Evans
Brooch: Vintage and gifted
Feather headband: Primark

I’ve had this dress for a few years and I love it to bits. It’s made of ponte so is super warm and snuggly, but looks slightly witchy combined with 60’s mod girl. Here in Britain summer ended and winter apparently began within about a day of each other. Where autumn went, I have no idea, but it’s FREEZING. And like most families we have a pact to not put our heating on until November unless it’s a matter of life and death, gah! So I’m still wearing the dress, except now I have my jogging bottoms, two pairs of bed socks and my mum’s fleece on as well. Trendy.

I always get comments on my glasses when I wear them – usually I wear contacts so my friends forget I even need glasses. And then of course every time I bring them out everyone suddenly goes “Ooh, are they new specs?” and I have to explain no, you’ve seen me in them before! I like these because I cheated a bit. The other question I get, as with most glasses, is what label they are – are they Gucci? Are they Prada?! As it turns out, I bought them in an airport gift lounge in Gothenburg. They were nameless ready-readers that I had my prescription put in to back home.

By the way, I also apologise for the lack of glamour and inclusion of radiators/door handles/my parents’ DVD and CD collection in my shots. My house is a bit small, we don’t have much wall space or space enough to get a full length outfit shot in, apart from these places! And like most grown adults who still have to live with their parents, I’m way too ashamed of the mess to take pictures in my own bedroom.

Outfit: Florals and studs

September 27, 2009

Hello! I’ve been super busy of late, unfortunately nothing to do with fashion. I’ve finally finished my album reviews for my friend Tiffany’s zine, Drunken Werewolf, so I am back to poring longingly over fashion week photos and adding plus size retailers’ awesome new looks to my winter wishlists! In the meantime, here’s a quickie outfit from Friday, featuring a new dress teamed with some old favourites:

Dress: Evans
Cardigan: Peacocks
Shoes: New Look
Bag: Primark

I finally caved and bought this dress after a whole summer of dithering, haha. Apparently I’m not the only one: check out the lovely Bloomie for her incredible take on it! I do love it, especially the length – though I can imagine a lot of taller women would have had to pass it up for the same reason, which is a shame. You know, I’m getting a bit sick of wearing that cropped cardigan, I admit it! It’s just that I’m not as far along on my body acceptance journey as I’d like, and the idea of going out in public with bare arms terrifies me. Ah well. My friend later tied the cardigan up at the back so it fitted as a shrug, though we didn’t have a camera by then!

Then we have the bag…

Oh dear. Seeing as the biker look is only fleeting (it looks like it’ll almost be gone by spring 2010) I didn’t feel like splashing out on expensive studded garments, so instead bought some pyramid studs for cheap on eBay and thought I’d do it DIY style. This bag had been languishing at the bottom of my drawer for years, so I thought it would be a decent practice run. Alas, my attempt at a heart shape didn’t exactly go to plan despite my methodical approach – it looks more like an arrowhead! But it’ll do for the time being. I just hope my sewing skills will fare better!

Outfit: Beth Ditto dress… no, NOT that one!

September 17, 2009

What is it with me, black belts and the colour purple recently? But yes, this dress. I had no intentions of buying this dress – in the photos and even on the hanger, I thought it looked odd and unworkable. I, like every other fatshionista on planet earth, was waiting with fervour for the Infamous Domino Dress instead. The day of the BD launch I took an extra half hour of my lunch break to run down to Marble Arch and try everything on (and I mean everything!) starting with That One. As it turned out, It fitted extremely awkwardly – too long in the body and sleeves and I, being a member of the IBTC, had nothing to fill the chest out with. The silhouette was all wrong as a result.

I hadn’t given any regard to the look of the swirl dress from the promo shots. On the hanger it did intrigue me, and once I’d slipped it on I just felt really good, like I’d been introduced to a future best friend. It’s loose, but because the fabric is so heavy it’s like it’s giving you a lovely, warm hug. It skims the body but doesn’t drown it, which is so rare in plus size clothing, I’m sure you’ll agree. And I had been hankering after a similar hood style for ages, but to no avail. And pockets! I love pockets. These are just the right length to keep my hands out of trouble.

Of course, I snapped it up. Along with another dress which I’ll leave for another post. Do I regret not persevering with That Dress? Not really. If anything I kind of got sick of looking at it after a while! I do regret not buying the cropped biker jacket, which has now sold out, so I’ll have to live vicariously through Val and Xtina!

Hooded dress: Beth Ditto for Evans
Black top: Peacocks
Belt: New Look
Boots: Schuh

Outfit: Russ Meyer’s secretary?

September 15, 2009

Just a quick outfit update. If you were wondering (I doubt you were), this outfit is a good example of what my daily style is like: polka dots? Check! Cardigan? Check! Pencil skirt? Check! Opaque black tights? Check!

However, the belt and large brooch? That’s fairly new territory, my friends! I’m only recently learning to accessorise. Honestly. I was always, always steered away from accessorising growing up because of my body – I was short and round, and accessories would – gasp! – make me look even shorter and fatter. Oh noes! It’s only in the past couple of years I’ve realised that actually, my fat is what makes me look fat, so it really doesn’t matter what I pile on on top, does it? I’m still fairly conservative when it comes to bracelets, though.

Polka dot cardigan: TU at Sainsbury’s
Purple skirt: Evans
Fluffly deco brooch: Mikey
Belt and heels: New Look