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Fall Couture 2010 – So Far…

July 7, 2010

When couture gets it right, it’s everything I love about high fashion – outlandish, crazy, exceptional handiwork. Because everything is individually made designers get much more artistic freedom than ready to wear. And, it also means there’s no size limit. If you had the money everything you see below could be yours, no matter what size you are. (Yes, really!)

There are basically no words for Galliano’s latest. It’s just fantastic. The little picture here does no justice at all, so I suggest you head over to Jezebel who has the pictures in glorious high-res.

Givenchy was exceptional and breathtaking in a completely different way. Completely intricate and detailed, the collection had been reduced to 10 pieces.

Armani Privé’s collection felt a little more standard RTW fayre to me, but it was still sumptuous. I love the caped suit and 40’s glamour feel of it all.

I’m not particularly keen much of this collection, but since fashion tends to follow everything LOLerfeld does then it’s good to keep an eye. The cropped jacket/knee-length silhouette is pretty interesting – I reckon we’ll be seeing a lot of that on the high street soon. Plus size retailers, please take note!

Anything that catches your eye?


Sonsi Full Figured Fashion Week

June 25, 2010

Hey everyone!

The Good…

Evans have reactivated my discount code – EVPOCKET – hurrah! This means if you spend £40 you get 10% off – AND, they have a sale on at the moment so get spending! Offer ends 6th July.

Also, I was lucky enough to be sent some lovely pieces from Torrid which I am going to feature very, very soon. There is one dress that I am utterly in love with and stomped around in all day yesterday!

The Bad…

I also have some super sad news: I’m unfortunately not able to make it to the YFF Conference next month. I am properly, utterly upset about this (I was going to represent the UK! Like in Eurovision or the Olympics!) but my life had to come first, and it’s in a bit of a mess right now. However, the fabulous Nicolette is taking my place, and I’m going to get up at a silly hour in the morning to live chat with everyone at the meet and greet. It really is going to be a fantastic event, I can’t wait to see it all unfold.

And the fabulous…

Speaking of awesome plus sized events, the second Sonsi Full Figured Fashion Week took place in NYC, yay! It gained a lot more media exposure this time around, with articles on the NY Times and Jezebel. Naturally, straight sized fashion fans derided and scorned the event, but I honestly believe the plus sized fashion industry is only just starting to veer into more adventurous territory.

From what I’ve seen of the photos there has been a definite improvement on last year, however I still felt it was a little hit and miss for me. That said, here are a couple of my highlights from the runway:

All images copyright Xtina @

L-R: Chan.nel Karama; Susan Moses; Monif C; Pheline

Obviously so much more went on than that! A few of my favourite plus bloggers attended and have given extensive write ups – it sounds amazing, check them out:

Musings of a Fatshionista
Garner Style
Fat Shopaholic
Curvy Fashionista
Les Petriries de Vanoue

The best bit though? Runway News has videos of all the shows here. It’s so much better to see the clothes in motion, as strange as that sounds. Here is the Susan Moses collection:

All in all I think it’s great to see this kind of event happening. What do you all think about the designs? I so wish we could do one over here, it would be awesome!

Milan Fashion Week: My Favourites

October 4, 2009

WARNING: Very image heavy. Not very dial-up friendly I’m afraid!

Just a quick disclaimer: while I do appreciate and enjoy the current biker trends that are around at the moment (and I was totally wrong when I said it’ll be over by next season – it’s all over Milan and Paris at the moment!), what tickles me most is definitely ladylike, girly and and cutesy stuff. I can’t help myself, people. I’m sorry. Basically, if you want to see hot chicks in leather you’ll probably hate this post. Haha.

All photos are from WWD.

Luisa Beccaria:

This is almost offensively quaint, on a par with Cath Kidston… But I adore it anyway. It’s ultra feminine, yes, like Little Women written in pink lipstick. But it didn’t feel patronising, I don’t think anyway. I love the shock of red nails and lipstick as well. The skirt suit is my favourite piece, especially with the lattice belt!

Full collection here

Alberta Ferretti:

This collection could have been made for the mothers of Luisa Beccaria’s girls. Both collections featured the same turn of the century influences but Alberta Ferretti chose the neutral and slightly more sombre version. I really do love all the flower appliques on everything. I’ve seen them featured in a lot of collections this season!

Full collection here


I LOVED this! It was so tongue in cheek and fun, with these grand ball gowns styled with fire warden accessories. What I loved about this collection most though was the glasses. Every model wore them, and they all looked gorgeous. More glasses please! I also need those red boots on the right in my life. Right now.

Full collection here


Anna Molinari’s youthful offshoot of Blumarine was fairly high street, understandably. But it was still cute, wearable and lots of fun. I do have a real weak spot for coloured leopard print and poppies, so maybe I’m biased!

Full collection here

Moschino Cheap and Chic:

Another youth-oriented diffusion range. Probably for women younger than me, but I want it all anyway, especially the white heart dress!

Full collection here

Giorgio Armani:

To me there wasn’t a huge difference between the Emporio and Giorgio Armani collections this season, although perhaps I had Fashion Week Fatigue by the point. I just really loved the jacket detailing paired with the easy pants. The dress on the left totally reminds me of Metropolis, one of my favourite films!

Full collection here

And last but not least…


This was tight, sporty, futuristic. Dresses and ensembles that could have been ordinary were adorned with all kinds of gadgetry and embellishments but still retained this ultra luxurious sci-fi glamour. A lot of people say this collection reminded them of Gucci’s 90’s heyday, and I’m inclined to agree!

Full collection here

Phew! What do you think? What’s been your favourite collections so far?

Milan Fashion Week: The Anomalies

October 4, 2009

I always feel Milan, despite some of the huge stalwart fashion houses based there, has a little less of a purpose compared to the other major fashion weeks. Paris is for the conceptualists and the romantics. New York is for the understated, maturing but still affluent women. And London is just an all out party for the kids! I suppose Milan stands for status fashion – a lot of their biggest names aren’t just fashion houses anymore, they’re full on commercial brands: Versace, Fendi, D&G, Moschino, Gucci – pretty much everyone in the western world has at some point owned something emblazoned with one of these labels across it, whether it be the real deal or a market stall knock-off. Right? Fashionistas coo over the quality and construction of high fashion garments, but when it comes to Italian fashion? We don’t really care, as long as it has the name all over that shit so everyone can see how much we paid!

But anyway, I digress. This Milan Fashion week was a special one. Why? BECAUSE, you guys, VERSUS IS BACK!

Versus was the Versace offshoot that Gianni gave to his little sister, Donatella, to look after. It was younger, a little cheaper and much cooler, and managed to run until around 2002. Donatella felt the time was right to bring it back and in a stroke of genius asked Britain’s Christopher Kane to do the honours. According to him he looked into the Versus archives and indeed, the use of safety pins and peeps of flesh recall the glorius 90’s – remember Liz Hurley?

Full collection here

Milan is also the only major fashion week to feature a plus size range, Elena Miro:

(I’m surprised Marina Rinaldi doesn’t get featured as well, since its parent company Max Mara and sister brand Sportmax shows at Milan. Clearly the idea of TWO plus brands is just totally out there.)

This isn’t my favourite EM season, I must admit. (That honour goes to A/W08, which on retrospect was actually pretty fashion forward. Also, that link really makes me miss Too Fat For Fashion!) This season generally feels like a “wealthy white woman goes on a retro safari” collection which is not my cup of tea at all, but there are some gorgeous pieces: the jumpsuit especially, and the shoes. The mustard dress is also to die for, although would look hilariously wrong on me!

Full collection here

One down, one to go!

Unfashionably Late! My Top 3 LFW Collections

October 1, 2009

So while I’ve been mooching around and sorting out life stuff London Fashion Week finshed, Milan Fashion Week came and went and now we’re on to Paris Fashion Week (undoubtedly the best one!). Oops. But since I have been spending hours playing catch up online, I’d still like to share with you my favourite collections – they’ll just be later than normal! In the meantime I recommend you follow The Fat and Skinny on Fashion who’s been awesome in keeping on top of things!

All photos are from WWD.

Basso & Brooke

I feel like B&B trumped Mary Katrantzou in the kerazy colour play this season, although perhaps that’s because they’ve been at it far longer. I’m in love with the dress on the far right – and if I’m not mistaken, there’s a rather similar dress coming out from Evans this winter, so YAY!


Luella can sometimes (okay, most times) come across as a kitschly English cliche, what with her equestrian hobbies, upper class connotations and collections chock full of pinks, florals, tweeds and laces that never fails to divide opinion. I can’t help myself – I love her work, and this collection was no exception. It was kitsch, yes, and unabashedly retro, but in a surprisingly understated and mature way. The heart shaped cut outs were a lovely touch.

Peter Pilotto

One thing I loved about this season was the infusion of colour to the point where I couldn’t figure out where one colour began and another ended. Pilotto‘s fabric looks almost two-tone!

Back to playing catch up… I did sneak a look at Pugh‘s SS10 collection though, fantastic as always!

Boundary pushing, LFW style

September 20, 2009

Alas, a follow up NYFW post is unlikely – unfortunately I seemed to acquire a life in the past couple of weeks! Fashion weeks wait for no one, however, so now we’re on to LFW: London Fashion Week.

And you know if there’s one thing us Brits adore, it’s a gimmick.

I’ve not been able to properly browse the pretty pictures thus far, but Amy of Wolf Whistle (who is covering LFW for fashion156) alerted me to Mark Fast‘s collection which featured three plus sized models. Not only that, but plus models dressed in his signature revealing, tight, knitted dresses:

Pretty neat, huh? Of course it can be argued that the models aren’t truly plus size, that it was a gimmick on MF’s behalf – and you would be right. But it’s definitely pleasant to see a wider variety of shapes on the runway, and all dressed equally to boot.

(According to, the show’s original stylist actually quit out of disgust at using models from plus sized agencies on the runway. Loser! EDIT: Apparently the casting director walked out too. Here are some reports: GuardianJezebelBBC)

You know what else was completely awesome, perhaps even more awesome? PPQ using only models of colour in their collection:

Now I dislike the Geldof sisters as much as the next person, but I do generally give PPQ the benefit of the doubt, as they have a capsule range with Oli that goes up to a UK20 which is almost unheard of among hipster designers. With this collection, because the racism present in fashion is even more worrying to me than its refusal to endorse different body types, it’s refreshing to see women of colour represented in themselves as opposed to an ethnic token as they are in most other runway shows.

Like Mark Fast’s perusal of plus sized models, however, it’s quite likely a gimmick. And not only that, the models for PPQ seem to be almost hyper-ethniticed, with “big Nefertiti buns” and “tribal” prints. I’m coming from an position of privilege it’s not my call to make, but it does feel like the step forwards and the step backwards cancelled out what could have been something truly progressive. And that’s a real shame.