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February 13, 2010

Like everyone else who gave more than a passing glance at the world of fashion, I’m totally gutted at the death of Alexander McQueen. There’s nothing I can say that hasn’t already been said a thousand times, but just… wow. When so many people eulogise about somebody after their passing it’s natural to think they’re just being theatrical or melodramatic, but what people are saying about McQueen? All believeable. He was so unique and an unbelievably brilliant artist. Personally I always respected his lack of respect for the fashion industry and the way he resolutely did his own thing – and managed to get away with it, because he was so damn good at it.

Apparently his AW10/11 collection (due to show on my birthday, funnily enough) was pretty much finished before he died. I think it should be shown as the final piece in his design legacy. SS10 was, literally, nothing anyone had ever seen before. I can only imagine what he and his design team had in store for us this season.

RIP McQueen, the fashion industry just got a lot less exciting without you.


Wait a second…

January 28, 2010

From Alexis Mabille’s 2010 Couture collection in Paris this week:

Image from

The Ayla dress from’s spring collection:

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Not bad, huh? Not bad at all. And the Igigi dress came first. I approve!

New York Fashion Week so far: my 8 top 5 collections

September 14, 2009

Sometimes I wonder why I started blogging about fashion. Don’t get me wrong – I adore clothes, dressing up, pretty dresses, etc… but the fashion industry itself? Zero interest. I don’t think it’s possible to be less interested in who’s sitting in the front row, who’s modelling the clothes or what’s going on backstage than I am. All I care about is the pretty. And one thing I do know about fashion is that fashion weeks feature pretty on a very, very large scale.

So now I feel a duty to report on New York Fashion Week – which, if I’m not mistaken, is the first of the big Spring/Summer ’10 Ready To Wear events – I’m wondering how to condense all that pretty into something digestible. My answer is to use simple logic, and go in blindly: read no reviews or anecdotes about the designers. Go through every collection, save picture of the outfits I like best/want to copy most, count them up and put them in order. Bam! Instant chart countdown! Here we go, then. All photos courtesy of WWD:

Joint Number 5: BCBG Max Azria, Ruffian

BCBG Max Azria:

I’ve always liked Max Azria’s BCBG range more than Herve Leger. My favourite aspect of this collection was the disjointed dresses made of contrasting fabrics – something that’s been featured in almost every SS’10 collection so far. I wonder what name the fashionistas have termed it. “Fabric blocking?” Either way, it’s something I’ve dreamed about since I was a kid, I can’t believe it’s actually happening!

View full collection: here.


I’d not previously heard of Ruffian. I enjoyed their candy coloured military and punk details, but especially their victoriana collars and sleeves!

View full collection: here.

Number 4: Vivienne Tam

I’m an absolute sucker for butterflies, and they were all over Vivienne Tam’s show – from embroidered and sequinned ones fluttering on vests and dresses, butterfly printed lace, through to huge close up photo prints of butterfly wings. I think this is probably my favourite collection so far.

View full collection: here.

Joint Number 3: Mara Hoffman, Jason Wu, Andy & Debb

Andy & Debb:

Just a little Mad Men, no? I loved the simple, ladylike glamour of it all. And I’d never think to put maroon and duck egg blue together, but that middle outfit is utterly perfect to me.

View full collection: here.

Jason Wu:

Jason Wu, meanwhile, sat on the other end of the glamour scale. This was full on luxe, as showcased in the opulent settings (I do hope those models wore knickers) and in the maribou feathers adorning skirts and dresses alike. But I suppose he can relax in luxury, now he’s in with the with First Lady!

View full collection: here.

Mara Hoffman:

I think if I had gone by what I liked most, this would probably have been second to Vivienne Tam. It’s the colours. Look at them! Such utterly delicious hues – bright or pastel, and even thrown together they just work, like a visual feast. Nothing exemplary construction wise, but so gorgeous all the same.

View full collection: here.

Number 2: Whitney Eve

Yeah, I know. I’m sorry. I realise now it was one of the girls from The Hills, not that I’ve ever watched it, who everyone hates. Actually on second inspection Whitney Port’s set is much, much more ordinary than the other collections I favoured, but I’m still impressed with the colouring – more subtle than Mara Hoffman, it’s nonetheless incredibly pleasing to the eye. I want to hug the peplum dress, the colours on it are so pretty.

View full collection: here.

Aaaand… at number one…! *drumroll*

Number 1: Christian Siriano

Another US reality TV star – whoops! What can I say, I don’t know these peoples’ names! Should maybe have guessed the blue background had Project Runway connotations, though. But I genuinely enjoyed the drama, construction and colouring of this collection. The teal palette he used was completely sumptuous, and I loved the small details – chiffon peplum, overblown bubble hems… Liked the hats, too!

View full collection: here.

Well… That’s my view so far! I am very biased though, as I enjoy feminine looks. The abundance of chiffon, satin, draping and retro tailoring makes my heart leap!

What are your thoughts on this fashion week so far?

Beyond the Veil

September 1, 2009

Admittedly I’m rather sceptical when reading interviews with ‘fashion people’. But I was super impressed with this quote from Katie Gallagher, a fiercely talented and genuinely exciting up and coming fashion illustrator and designer:

I’m a firm believer in non-traditional pattern-making and I avoid superfluous seaming and construction in my clothes; seams should follow a woman’s body and thereby accent it… not merely use the amount of fabric that’s the simplest and most inexpensive to cut in a mass market factory.

Preview of Gallagher's SS10 collectionI have no idea whether her ideals translate to different and outsize body types, but it seems a much more inclusive attitude (similar to Angie of I Heart Norwegian Wood’s “equal fashion for all!” mantra) which is really quite refreshing, non?

Even if I’m completely wrong and Gallagher refuses to design for a body above size 4, it’s definitely worth checking out her work so far if you haven’t already. Her garments are STUNNING. The construction is unrivalled – everything is made by Gallagher herself, including a one-off dress fashioned from aluminium springs – and each garment is at once futuristic, fairytale-like and impossibly chic. Not bad for someone who grew up wearing nothing but their pet cat.

If anyone reading this is heading to New York Fashion Week, then do check out her first RTW collection, Veil, this Saturday and come back and tell me all about it… please!