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Lauren’s Top 5

June 10, 2010

Here’s my rundown of favourite fashion-y things this week:

1. Evans’ A/W 10-11 Preview

Courtesy of Evans' Fashion Fix

I am super impressed with what Evans are coming up with lately, and these pictures are no exception. It all looks so luxurious and glam – that fake fur coat WILL be mine!

2. The (admittedly rather glum) plus model at GFW

Courtesy of Christopher Moore -

Tokenism it may well be, and I may not be too keen on the outfit – but cheer up love, you look hot, and Onez Lau thinks so too! Graduate Fashion Week ended today, and a proper post about it is coming soon. I found it completely inspirational, and obviously, a bit bonkers.

3. THAT dress from ASOS Curve

YES, YES, YES!!!! Judging by the reaction to this dress and the amount of people I’ve seen buying it there really is a market for striking and edgy plus size fashion, despite craven retailers’ cries of the contrary. I’ve also bought this dress – it’s beautiful, and something as adventurous as this needs to be bought. We have to vote with our wallets, people!

4. Definatalie‘s pattern upgrade

The ever-amazing Natalie has taken a straight sized tea-dress pattern from BurdaStyle and attempted to scale up for larger sizes, and is looking for people to road test them. Go for it!

5. Simply Be‘s knitted black tunic

I’m especially interested in this as I wore a similar dress in a straight size in Topshop for my Vogue Curvy vlog a couple of weeks back. I understand that it’s harder for ladies of a bigger dress size than myself to walk into a store like Topshop and make things work – however Simply Be go from a UK12 – UK32, meaning anyone can get in on the action, you just need an obnoxious feather cape!


London’s Big Bum Jumble!

May 27, 2010

This summer is shaping up to be an incredibly exciting one for us fatshionistas – in London especially there are two awesome events happening. Some of you will know about the UK Bloggers’ Conference in July – more on that later! At the moment I want to talk about the Big Bum Jumble, taking place on Saturday 14th August. IT’S GOING TO BE AWESOME. Capitals necessary!

I interviewed the BBJ organiser, Kay Hyatt. Kay is one of the founding members of The Chubsters – i.e. one of the coolest gangs I have ever seen. I’m a bit in awe. On to the answers…

This will be the first Big Bum Jumble, what sort of revelries can we expect?
The BBJ is first of all a clothing sale. I want it to be a place where you can buy cool cool clothes at low low prices that fit fit fit! That’s pretty hard thing to find even by itself but the BBJ is going to give you so much more:

1. You’ll meet a great mix of people.
The BBJ is organised by mostly queer, medium-fat people with varying degrees of experience of fat activism but I want it to reach a much wider audience than that. I’m hoping to get fat folks and their friends, people from the queer/grrl D.I.Y. scene to people who have just come in from the street. It’s really important to me that I’ve done as much as possible to make sure that anyone who wants to can come to the BBJ. I’ve made a special effort to find a venue that is accessible. Stratford Circus is level access, near a tube station and a car park.

2. There’ll be more than just buying clothes going on.
I’ve got some great volunteers who are going to be working as personal shoppers/ encouragers. I’m hoping that the atmosphere of shopping at the BBJ will help people take fashion risks and try on something that they wouldn’t normally wear. There will also be a catwalk show of clothes from the jumble modelled by shoppers and volunteer models at some point in the day. I’ve also got the amazing and talented Unskinny Bop DJs providing the music and film maker and fat activist Charlotte Cooper will be providing projections as well as inviting people to be filmed privately if they wish. Hopefully I’ll also have some Bill Savage designed badges that you can take away as a souvenir of the day. There’s also a lovely cafe at the venue so hanging out with friends new and old will also be on the menu.

3. You’ll be supporting future fat events and activism.
If I make more than I need to cover the venue costs, I’m planning to make the pot of money available to anyone who wants to organise something for the fatties in the future. Free money for you, if you support the BBJ!

What prompted the idea to get this event going?
In 2008 I went to the incredible Fat Girl Flea Market in NYC. That year it was organised by Deb Malkin, of Brooklyn’s brilliant vintage and resale shop ReDress NYC. This event and ones like it have been organised as fundraisers for Nolose, the organisation for Fat dykes/ transfolks and their allies that I’ve been a supporter of for a while. It was a truly amazing experience. I’ll never forget the riot I had trying things on, encouraging others to try things on and hanging out with the rad fatties there. Since then I’ve been pining for a similar event here so I thought I’d better just get on with it and make it happen.

As someone who has been campaigning for fat acceptance and self expression for a long time, do you feel the current embrace of plus size women by the fashion media is a positive or negative thing? Do you feel that fashion could ever be positive for fat men and women?
I don’t really know how to answer this question. To be honest with you, I feel pretty alienated from fashion. I’m a short fat butch dyke and I can’t find hardly any off the peg clothes that I want to wear, I don’t have the skills to make my own and I can’t afford a tailor but still, I get by. I make my own style with the resources I have.

With the fashion media too, it kind of doesn’t matter to me. I’m always happy to see fat people looking amazing and I’m happy for any positive representations of fat people to exist, but I also think it is better for us to make our own stuff. I’d rather read a zine that somebody sneakily photocopied at work, or read a blog like yours than worry about whether or not there is a fat model on the cover of Vogue.

You didn’t ask me this but.. is there anything else I’d like to say? It’s true, I forgot!
Yes, The BBJ will be from 12-5 at Stratford Circus, Stratford London E15 on Saturday 14th August. Please come and see us, whether you want to buy clothes or not, you will have a great time.

Right now, I’m still after clothes donations, especially in sizes bigger than UK women’s size 22/ Men’s 3X. Please contact me at if you have stuff to give me.

Also, if you have a fat clothing business and you want to give me any kind of sponsorship in kind then I’m interested in talking to you too.

Link Amnesty!

May 2, 2010

It’s been an extremely exciting time to be part of the “fatshion” blogging world of late, with some incredible opportunities coming my way and many of the more established blogs gaining press attention all over the world, which is totally brilliant and definitely deserved. However, it’s understandable that the sheer volume of blogs now means that inevitably some fly under the radar no matter how awesome they are. This is such a shame!

Talking things over with Blog to Be Alive, STOP!!! You’re Broke!!!, Diva in Deep Thought, Embrace Your Curves and Definatalie on Twitter, Valerie suggested a regular links round up that gives everyone an equal space, and Natalie has posted a little link adding bot which means everyone can add what they think is the best content of late. Personally I try really hard to make sure all fatshion blog links are represented here and keep up with them all, but sadly I am just one person and it is pretty hard to keep up sometimes. So, I propose a blog amnesty!

If you see that a blog link is missing that really should be there, then comment here with the link and I’ll add it as soon as I can. It’ll also be worth giving a brief introduction so anyone reading can check it out too!

The fatshion blogging community is growing every day, but we are all in this together. After all, it’s just fun, and more people means more fun right?

Back for good!

April 25, 2010

I’m finally back. HELLO EVERYONE!

I have been so out of the loop recently having been working really hard for the D&AD (‘Oscars of the advertising world’) judging event. It ended on Thursday, and although it was an absolutely brilliant experience I’m very glad to go back to normal life and commit more time to the blog. That said, if anyone’s interested in design or media then definitely check out the website – it features some great interviews with the best creatives around the world.

More importantly though… If you’ve been following Gabi or any of the other bloggers attending the event you’ll already know all about this, but if not, I’m so pleased to tell you I’m going to be attending the YFF Blogger Conference in NYC this July!

I am so, so flattered to have been invited to this event, and I seriously can’t wait to meet everyone! I realise a few people have been saddened that the majority of the conference is exclusive but that’s because it’s been a grass roots effort first time around – I’m sure next year will be even bigger and better! And of course a massive thank you to the events sponsors: Evans, City Chic, We Love Colors and Boutique Larrieaux.

There is going to be a meet and greet cocktail party on the Friday night and it would be amazing if some of you could come down to party! It’ll be held at the legendary Re/Dress store from 6pm – 9pm. If you would like to attend, please RSVP to I can’t wait to meet you!

…And Delight

February 14, 2010

Since the Mark Fast debacle, Glamour photoshoots and V’s size issue, there have been announcements and a flurry of excitement that the world of plus size fashion is developing for the better and on the precipice of achieving equality. I usually remain pretty skeptical because to me, using a model a couple of inches wider than a straight sized one in a magazine – while very cool – makes no difference to how I dress in my day to day life.

But even I and my cynical little heart are starting to see that change IS being made in the plus sized end of fashion. More than the size of models on the catwalk or in mags, plus sized apparel on the market is becoming ever more fashion savvy, and there is more choice now than ever before.

Last week Anna Scholz launched her Spring collection, split in to two ranges: White – a continuation of the looks she is known for: prints, silks and kaftans, and Black: a younger, sharper, trendier selection:

Image Courtesy of

Image Courtesy of

Image Courtesy of

Image Courtesy of

But this is probably the coolest thing I have seen so far with regards to plus size fashion. Hot on the heels of international press picking up on the bigger plus sized fashion blogs out there, the most famous of them all – Stéphanie Zwicky of Le Blog De Big Beauty – announced that she has created a capsule collection for La Redoute plus, launching in March.

How amazing is that. No really, HOW. AWESOME. IS. THAT?! The collection looks quite lovely too (especially the tiered pink dress) and I will definitely be trying a few pieces from it. Well done, Stéphanie!

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Checking In

February 8, 2010

Hello my lovelies! Thank you for any new readers that were sent my way by Christina, Gabi or Shapely Prose! Hope you don’t think I’m too rubbish. I’ve unfortunately got too much of a headache and too little time to update properly, but I thought I’d share my recent purchases (My first since last year! Hooray for employment!) with you:

I saw this dress on Stephanie‘s blog and couldn’t believe it was from New Look’s Inspire range. They’re normally so drab, but this was so pretty! So shapely! So quietly detailed! I’ve ordered it and wow, if I was more arrogant I’d say it was designed for me (haha). It’s a total Lauren Dress, even more than the Lauren Dress I’ve been bought for my birthday but which I was supposed to have forgotten about, shhh!

This is also from New Look Inspire but looks plainer than in real life. I’m not normally one for hanky hems at all, but it looks really cool paired with edgier accessories. I will be doing an outfit post soon though, I promise!

Not pictured are the lace body and spot tights from Simply Be/Fashion World/JD Williams/Marisota/Whatever they’re calling it nowadays. Yay!

Although I feel a bit like an egomaniac asking you to become my “fans”, I went and got myself one of those Facebook page thingies, and it would be lovely for you to join! Link is here.

Lastly but NOT least, I’m SO excited by all the new blogs popping up and especially with more Brits on the scene! Here are some of my favourite new UK kids:

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Night night everyone. x