Fall Couture 2010 – So Far…

When couture gets it right, it’s everything I love about high fashion – outlandish, crazy, exceptional handiwork. Because everything is individually made designers get much more artistic freedom than ready to wear. And, it also means there’s no size limit. If you had the money everything you see below could be yours, no matter what size you are. (Yes, really!)

There are basically no words for Galliano’s latest. It’s just fantastic. The little picture here does no justice at all, so I suggest you head over to Jezebel who has the pictures in glorious high-res.

Givenchy was exceptional and breathtaking in a completely different way. Completely intricate and detailed, the collection had been reduced to 10 pieces.

Armani Priv√©’s collection felt a little more standard RTW fayre to me, but it was still sumptuous. I love the caped suit and 40’s glamour feel of it all.

I’m not particularly keen much of this collection, but since fashion tends to follow everything LOLerfeld does then it’s good to keep an eye. The cropped jacket/knee-length silhouette is pretty interesting – I reckon we’ll be seeing a lot of that on the high street soon. Plus size retailers, please take note!

Anything that catches your eye?


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8 Responses to “Fall Couture 2010 – So Far…”

  1. SammiJ Says:

    The Dior black and pink dress, Wow!!!

  2. Katrin Says:

    I think the pink dior is my favorite, too. It looks like it is made of a huge flower. Kind of Alice in wonderland like :D

  3. Kat Says:

    I would like the chanel ‘suit’ (1st pic), and ANY of the Dior dresses please!

  4. pearlslaceandruffles Says:

    WOW! Everything is beautiful, really love Givenchy though. Very different.

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