Simply Be plus model competition!

Hey all, just a quick bit of news from me for those of you interested in the modelling and glamourous side of fashion!

You may have seen on the twitter or blogosphere today but if not: Simply Be are hosting an extensive model search with all kinds of glamourous goodies and the potential to go on the books of 12+ Model Management. Exciting, no? The best thing about it for me is that there is no upper size limit. I’ll repeat that: there is no upper size limit! Anyone who’s seen Velvet D’Amour or Rosie Mercado understands that you can be a fantastic model at an extremely large size and it’s great that a retailer understands this too.

For more details on how to apply check out the Simply Be site here.

So, who fancies giving it a shot? Let me know if you apply, I’d love to hear how it goes!


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8 Responses to “Simply Be plus model competition!”

  1. kittehinfurs Says:

    agh i so wish i was in the UK now and didn’t have to wait till september! but then i’d have been too chicken anyway haha.

    oh, wait it says uk residents. well, boo.

  2. Anna Says:

    i have just applied! im not expecting to even hear back but you never know! xx

  3. Bethamint Says:

    I won’t be entering, but I’m really glad there’s no size limit, it’s nice to see retailers possibly coming around to our way of thinking. (though I’d bet there’s still a height restriction)

  4. Tegan Says:

    I would, but I think my hair might sort of…scare them off.

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