Lauren’s Top 5 – Summer Sales

Greetings from a transitional layout-ed Pocket Rocket… Will hopefully be getting a sleek and neat new layout soonish.

Today’s post is brought to you with the following (paraphrased – the mag got thrown away) quote from Celebs on Sunday magazine this week:

Any woman can wear my designs, no matter their size, shape or colour. I am very proud that I am one of the few designers who can say that.

Guess who? None other than Julien MacLOLand, bitches! I’m assuming if you’re a size 14 wearing one of his designs in a room full of 8s, you better get the hell out?

Anyway… It’s summer sale time! In no particular order here are my picks – click on the images to be taken to the website. Happy shopping!

Note that you can get an additional 10% off orders over £40 using the code EVPOCKET until 6th July!

FYI: Very’s South range goes up to size UK24. So Fabulous! Is for sizes UK16 – UK32.

Goddamn, I need a job. What are you ladies buying in the sales?


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15 Responses to “Lauren’s Top 5 – Summer Sales”

  1. Val - Blog to be Alive Says:

    Nice picks! I didn’t know about Very. Will have to check the website!

    I have done my best not to buy too much online as my mom and I are going to London for a couple of days. Hopefully lots of bargain there! I did buy quite a few things from Carmakoma though but at 50% off who can resist, right? LOL

    • thepocketrocket Says:

      Oh, do! Very are one that I always forget about but actually, their South range is pretty consistent – it has a lot of good quality basics but also dips their toes into more fashionable stuff.

      Oh that’s cool! Are you gonna shop to you drop when you get here? You should get some bargains on the high street :) Carmakoma is lovely, I wish I could afford to buy more from them!

  2. Val - Blog to be Alive Says:

    I think so! lol There is just so many shops in London compared to Belgium! :)

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  4. Monique Says:

    Wow!! Great picks! I love everything.

  5. SammiJ Says:

    Seriously, you will make me broke, well I am broke but even more so, you find such beauties!!

  6. thepocketrocket Says:

    Monique & Sammi – thanks! I understand, I’m broke as well so it is torture. For fun I usually fill up my basket with everything I want and then delete it all one by one. HAHA.

  7. S Says:

    Oooh I’ve wanted to buy that Mica one shoulder dress for ages now and love the Torrid purple fishnet one after seeing it on Amelia @Soundbites. Great choices…I must resist though! I’ve been buying too much in the sales, got some good holiday stuff though :D

    S x

  8. Bethamint Says:

    I bought a denim shirt-dress and a coral wide-belt in the Evans sale that I’m already wearing to death.

  9. Natalie Says:

    I will be buying nothing. *weep*

    I love that Simply Be blazer with the shoulders though. Delicious!

  10. Catherine Says:

    ooooh, so pretty!

  11. em Says:

    I LOVE the Carmakoma sale. And Simply Be too. I am ALL over that stuff! xxx.

  12. Kelly Dudley Says:

    ASOS Sale – grab the blue blazer that lovely YFF Gabi was rocking earlier in the year and I have since been coveting…

  13. Fashion Hayley Says:

    UMMM why is that amazing South dress in purple sold out? Arggggg its AMAZING.

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