2 x OOTDs – Yes, Really!

…Because you miss my mug, right? These pics are special as they were taken by my lovely mum in our garden – so obviously I couldn’t get too Vogue. Apologies for the picture quality – you can click on the images to get the full size versions…

Lace overlay Dress: Simply Be
Shoes: New Look
Necklace: Wee Sparrow

I’ve been buying clothes from Simply Be since I was a teenager, so I was super excited when they contacted me – they sent me this gorgeous dress I’d been eyeing for ages, from their Frock’n’Frill range. Frock’n’Frill is my favourite range in Simply Be at the moment though they have collections by Mica Paris, Anna Scholz and Joe Browns. Unfortunately while the dress was the perfect length on Valerie and a smidgen too short on Dee, I had to lop a good few inches off the bottom! But I think it’s the perfect length now, and I love it so much. It fits like a dream! The shoes are also wonderful:

Vintage style courts from New Look’s Wide Fit section.

I recently won my first ever competition = $50 worth of jewellery from Wee Sparrow – I didn’t even realise I’d entered! But I chose some lovely necklaces and this is one of them.

Dress: ASOS Curve
Heels: Evans

Words cannot express how much I love this dress. I love the fact that ASOS Curve had the balls to make it in the first place – not only do you have the outrageous ruffle, but both the front and back are fully ruched -the detailing is incredible. And you know what? It’s made of thick jersey knit, making it one of the most comfortable dresses I own. I have no idea when I’ll get to wear it in public but I’ll make an occasion if I have to!

Also, on the subject of ASOS Curve you should definitely check out the lovely Vanessa‘s blog – she’s their fit model and has really opened my eyes to the laborious processes retailers go through. Though I feel she should be their actual model as well as the fit model, she’s stunning!

Totally in love with these shoes – again, not only do they look fab, they’re really comfortable! A++, ASOS Curve & Evans!


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35 Responses to “2 x OOTDs – Yes, Really!”

  1. gabi Says:

    yay! so happy i got to see the ruffle dress on someone, it looks GREAT! bring it to the yff conference, you know we’ll be going out partying there :D

  2. Amy Says:

    Lovelovelove you in the cream lace! Super gorgeous.

  3. Bethamint Says:

    You look so gorgeous Lauren and I’m really envious of those shoes! <3

  4. Coco Risquey Says:

    Love both! You should definitely wear the ruffle dress to the yff conference! It’s perfect!
    Love the shoes, too! Great taste <3

  5. Miss Temple Says:

    The lace dress looks incredibly pretty on you. Very romantic and Vintage, gorgeous!
    And the Asos dress (though it’s nothing for me) is stunning, you look like a movie star in it.

  6. courtney Says:

    that asos dress looks amazing and you wear it with fierce confidence. <3<3<3

  7. Em Says:

    Wow. Both these outfits are just LOVELY. I am so in love with the first look and how vintage it is – the shoes just top the outfit, as does the jewelry. Amazing.

    No words can fully capture just how fucking great that black curve dress is. WHOA… look out New York! x.

  8. Gemma Says:

    The ASOS dress looks so brilliant on you. Better than on the model. Love, love love it!

  9. Rai Says:

    Both dresses are gorgeous on you, but I like the first one the most! x

  10. Louise Says:

    They both look fabulous on you! That black dress is far nicer on you than on the website! Gorgeous!

  11. Val - Blog to be Alive Says:

    You look absolutely amazing in both outfits! I have a little preference for the ASOS dress because it’s so original! I love it myself but I know I won’t have somewhere to wear it soon.

  12. Kat Says:

    WOW! Both outfits look amazing! I love the ruffle dress. The shoes are really nice too.

  13. Gazel Says:

    Wow. I never thought that ASOS dress would look good on anyone but you somehow made it work. Very cute!

    I want your lace overlay dress.

  14. Chubble Bubble Says:

    OMG you look SO AMAZING in the ASOS curve wire ruffle dress! It’s on the top of my wist list and it’s so great to see that it IS fabulous in person too!

    Kudos, lovely!

  15. kittehinfurs Says:

    I LOVE the first outfit – and the shoes are perfect! The asos curve dress is fabulous on you, too.

  16. Deena Says:

    You look fab in both dresses but I’m especially into the ruffle dress. Since seeing it on ASOS I’ve been hoping to come across someone plus size wearing it and you are wearing the hell out of it!

  17. Vanoue Says:

    Clap clap clap for both outfits! They are very different but you look amaizing in both dresses!
    And you have great shoes! wahoo!

  18. Bronxgirl1 Says:

    You look beyond amazing in that asos dress.

  19. Natalie Says:

    I don’t even know what to say.

    I’m sweating with envy!

  20. Nicolette Says:

    You look amazing in both!! Especially loving the second dress. It’s gorgeous.

  21. corazonesrojos Says:

    Wow, that Asos dress is just WOW. I need to see you in it during our NYC trip!

  22. Monique Says:

    You look beautiful! I love both dresses! And the shoes are HOT!

  23. Annissa Says:

    Excuse me for a moment while I steal your shoes… I love that first pair! Oh my goodness.


  24. Jassy Says:

    First time commenting, I love your black dress! It’s seriously brilliant and you look lovely in it. I also enjoyed your Vogue video, your accent is adorbs!

  25. Lola from Wee Sparrow Jewels Says:

    Hey! Thanks so much for showing off your necklace! I’m so pleased that you like it. :-)

    I’m LOVING that black dress! Killer!

  26. Rhona Says:

    oooooooh I love that black asos dress! I looked at asos’ curve and I wasn’t impressed…. I guess I’ll have to look again!



  27. Suburban Sweetheart Says:

    I ADORE the first dress! Beautiful.

  28. Fat Nurse Says:

    I now have “that” Asos dress (of course, would you really expect me to pass that up? Christ!) And I think it suits you wonderfully. The actual dress is made of a really nice material and the fact that it’s different makes it even more amazing :D You look beautiful as always Lauren.
    Devon xx

  29. Pearls, lace and ruffles Says:

    Love the second dress and shoes! You look great xo


  30. Spec Says:

    You look amazing! I love this dress on you!
    Your blog is fabulous!

  31. StephanieDJL Says:

    I love your outfits they’re always super feminine and fabulous! The second dress/shoes are especially amazing and the first dress looks perfect that length. Sad to hear that you won’t representing us Brits at YFF Con :( sending hugs your way!

  32. Liz Says:

    I absolutely love both of your outfits and you look amazing. There is a real movie star quality to both outfits, especially that Curve dress! :) I also really like the New Look shoes and have been pining over them ever since I saw them on your post :O

    I have the lace dress and I’m constantly trying to think of new ways to wear it because when I first bought it I wasn’t sure how to dress it down! I’m sure I’ll think of something, but my feeling is that it’s quite versatile :)


  33. ola Says:

    Hi, you look really nice in this dress but I was just wondering what size you got it in? We look about the same size, I really want the dress and I usually wear about a UK size 16 but because it only starts in a size 20 I’m a bit wooried it’ll be too big for me.

    • thepocketrocket Says:

      Hi Ola, I got the dress is a size 22 and it fitted me perfectly. It may work because it’s close fitting and made of stretchy material but if you’re overseas it might not be worth it… Have you had a look at ASOS’ main range? They don’t have exactly the same dress but do have some extravagant designs from UK 6 – UK 18?

      Sorry I can;t be of more help! Hope you find a knockout dress. xx

  34. Blogger Link Love « Polka Dots and Rainbows Says:

    […] 2x OOTD’s – Yes, Really! (Lauren’s style is brilliant and she’s also rocking the lace dress that I posted about a few months ago) […]

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