Lauren’s Top 5

Here’s my rundown of favourite fashion-y things this week:

1. Evans’ A/W 10-11 Preview

Courtesy of Evans' Fashion Fix

I am super impressed with what Evans are coming up with lately, and these pictures are no exception. It all looks so luxurious and glam – that fake fur coat WILL be mine!

2. The (admittedly rather glum) plus model at GFW

Courtesy of Christopher Moore -

Tokenism it may well be, and I may not be too keen on the outfit – but cheer up love, you look hot, and Onez Lau thinks so too! Graduate Fashion Week ended today, and a proper post about it is coming soon. I found it completely inspirational, and obviously, a bit bonkers.

3. THAT dress from ASOS Curve

YES, YES, YES!!!! Judging by the reaction to this dress and the amount of people I’ve seen buying it there really is a market for striking and edgy plus size fashion, despite craven retailers’ cries of the contrary. I’ve also bought this dress – it’s beautiful, and something as adventurous as this needs to be bought. We have to vote with our wallets, people!

4. Definatalie‘s pattern upgrade

The ever-amazing Natalie has taken a straight sized tea-dress pattern from BurdaStyle and attempted to scale up for larger sizes, and is looking for people to road test them. Go for it!

5. Simply Be‘s knitted black tunic

I’m especially interested in this as I wore a similar dress in a straight size in Topshop for my Vogue Curvy vlog a couple of weeks back. I understand that it’s harder for ladies of a bigger dress size than myself to walk into a store like Topshop and make things work – however Simply Be go from a UK12 – UK32, meaning anyone can get in on the action, you just need an obnoxious feather cape!


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10 Responses to “Lauren’s Top 5”

  1. Letilor Says:

    number 3 , the dress unwearable but so pretty.

    • thepocketrocket Says:

      You think so? It’s made of jersey, so I think it might actually be quite comfortable to wear… As for where I can wear it, it’s an excuse for more glamorous parties ;)

  2. Samantha Says:

    I really want to be excited about Evans but I find that a lot of their pieces are poor quality. :( One shirt I bought from them only lasted ONE day, ONE DAY!

    Also, I would like to thank you for trying some Topshop clothes a while ago. I bought 3 cardigans, a T-shirt and a blouse from them after seeing that post!! It’s always nice to have more options.

    • thepocketrocket Says:

      Really? That’s such a shame! I have to say I’ve never found that myself – I’ve usually worn Evans garments for years (in fact, I’m actually wearing a jumper I bought from them in about 2003, haha) so that’s really sad about the top. It’s what you expect from Primark, not Evans!

      Oh that’s fantastic news about Topshop, that’s made my day to know you actually checked it out and bought things! Thank you <3 xx

  3. lionsandtigersandsaraohmy Says:

    I am dying for the new Evans stock. Particularly the new Beth Ditto range in September. It cannot come fast enough!

    They don’t stock any exciting stock in Ireland. Boo! No Ruby Belle dresses, no Beth range last year. I think I’ll either plan a little trip from Dublin to London or do some intense internet shopping because there are a pair of black, knee high boots in EE that I might die without!

    • thepocketrocket Says:

      It looks really really pretty – these pieces aren’t even part of the BD range, so that’s a whole other level of anticipation :D

      That’s so sad they don’t stock the best stuff in Ireland! I know the Ruby Belle dresses are only on sale in the larger stores but even so… You should come to London for the blogger meet up! xx

  4. lionsandtigersandsaraohmy Says:

    I know. The anticipation is KILLING me. I think the shoes are incredible this season, especially those pumps with the ankle straps. I’ve wanted ankle straps for soooo long! Not to mention the faux fur jacket….ok…time to stop talking about them! Eeeek!

    I’m heading to London in two weeks! I’m doing a two week Fashion Photography course! YAY! Already planning my shopping! Really looking forward to it.

    There seems to be a lovely little plus sized blogging community in the UK. Are you guys having a meet up? =)

  5. carly Says:

    Love that knitted black tunic. I could totally see myself wearing that.

  6. Tegan Says:

    It’s bloody lovely to see somebody scaling up some straight fashion. Inspiring…I might get to make myself the perfect dress yet!

  7. manicmolly Says:

    I’m just wondering how one can launder THAT DRESS (Asos Curve)…

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