Topshop part II – Vogue Curvy edition!

After a few months of keeping schtum I can finally come clean to you all: I’ve been lucky enough to join the ranks of Gabi, Sakina and Nicolette by vlogging for Vogue Curvy! Oh my god it feels so good to say it loud and proud, haha! You can click the image to go to the page:

Look, that's me! On a Vogue website! Ridiculous!

To view the video make sure you select “Italian” in the drop down box on the top left of the page to view the video, as there’s an issue with the English language one. That’s being fixed as we speak though.

Oh, and I really really apologise for my hair – it was literally the hottest day of the year and my normally quite well behaved hair couldn’t cope at ALL. I do actually own a brush, I swear!

The point of these videos is to show that plus size women don’t have to be scared of going into straight sized stores, and that you are able to find stuff that suits anywhere. As you guys know I am only just starting out on my journey, so I’m pretty much learning as I go along. If you have any questions about the film do ask!

Love you all! xx


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15 Responses to “Topshop part II – Vogue Curvy edition!”

  1. Lou Says:

    congrats!! In Vogue! How brill!

  2. Angelabdc Says:

    Congratulations! Really delighted to see you on vogue curvy, and thought your hair looked lovely.

  3. Ulrika Says:

    Really enjoyed watching this, loved the outfits and your hair looked great!xxx

  4. Val - Blog to be Alive Says:

    The video was fantastic! And don’t worry about your hair, you look great!

    I’ll definitely have a more thorough look at Topshop next time I am in London. Usually I just have a quick look at the accessories and shoes.

  5. Vanessa Reece Says:

    Hun your hair was fine – stop picking faults lol – you’re simply beautiful. Mwha! V x

  6. Pearls, lace and ruffles Says:

    Great videos!! I love Topshop :)

  7. Pearls, lace and ruffles Says:

    Great video! I love Topshop :)

  8. boombands Says:

    Love the video hon! can’t wait to see more… x.

  9. Katrin Says:

    Congrats for this! It is such a lovely video and the music is so great. I love to listen to you talking, you got the cutest accent and voice ever. I do like the outfits you picked even though they aren’t my kind of style. But especially the first one was gorgeous on you!

    And I wanted to say thank you for the nice comment on my vlog :D I am so excited about my London trip, I will fly on Thursday evening, so just about half a week to go. *wuuuuuuuhu* I will definitely come and take a look at Topshop!

  10. lionsandtigersandsaraohmy Says:

    You should be so proud. You’re an amazing advocate for all the real ladies out there. Hurray! xx

  11. 266 / THIS WEEK’S MUSINGS AROUND THE WEB | Musings of a Fatshionista Says:

    […] The Pocket Rocket is now the London Vogue Curvy vlogger! Check out her first […]

  12. Fat Nurse Says:

    Congratulations! I am so happy for you, well done on taking this huge step forward for UK fatshion :D
    Devon xx

  13. LaGrandeDame Says:

    Congratulations, you look fabulous and I love that all different plus size women are making a name for themselves in Vogue Curvy…when is US Vogue going to really get the message??

  14. thepocketrocket Says:

    Lou: THANK YOU! I know, I can hardly believe it myself!

    Angela: Thank you so much, especially for the vote of confidence on the hair :D

    Ulrika: Thank you dear!

    Val: Yeah, it is surprising. There was a great deal of stuff that didn’t fit – including a pair of tassled hotpants, HAHA – but there are gems to be found in there, definitely.

    Vanessa: Aww, thank you! You are so beautiful too! I watched your make up videos as well, you’re great on video camera as well as normal ones :D

    Pearls, Lace & Ruffles: Thank you so much! Your blog is fab, I must add it to my feed!

    Boombands: Thanks love, am trying to get a new store on board, will keep you all informed!

    Katrin: Awww, thank you dear. It means a lot! And you’re in London how we speak! Hope you’re LOVING it :D

    lionstigersandsaraohmy: Thank you SO much. What a lovely thing to say! The Wizard of Oz obssessee also adores your name :)

    Devon: Thanks so much lovely, I am really proud and flattered to have done it :)

    LaGrandeDame: Thank you, I love your store! It’s sad but I don’t think US Vogue will acknowledge larger fashion, certainly not while Wintour is in charge. But to be honest Italian Vogue is pretty much THE Vogue in terms of editorials and high fashion, so I’m actually more impressed that they have taken steps to acknowledge black fashion and larger fashion. Go them! :D

  15. Aurè Says:

    Hi there in the gorgeous London , Ciao Lauren e Auguri per la tua collaborazione con VogueCurvy !
    Keep up the Great work …
    Un saluto dall’Italia dall’unico Artista Italiano che celebra la bellezza delle Donne Plus-Size nell’Arte.
    Ciao e un saluto a tutte le Amiche PluSize !
    Greetings from Sicily – Italy

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