Dressing room raid

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Oh, it’s been a while since I’ve done one of these – a while since I’ve had the time to dedicate a whole day to shopping. But hurrah! Today was that day, and unlike before I was actually able to buy a few bits, too. Win all round. But enough of my waffle, and on to the photos, yes? Please note: I apologise for them being crappy quality iPhone photos (lost my SD card so can’t use my camera, hence the lack of OOTD’s too), I also apologise for my goofy face, lack of skirt and that one annoying strand of hair that keeps getting in my face.

Yours Clothing

Tulip hem dress. I’ve seen lots of different patterns of this, but this was the only one in store today. I love the shape of it though, and the pattern was gorge. SOLD!

I was so impressed with this! It’s from the Allison Hammond range, and it’s pretty much the only plus size garment that even hints at the Burberry Prorsum drapes from last year. Tried it with a belt too:

I pretty much love it (yes if I was to wear it outside, then there would be a skirt or leggings involved!). Was trying not to buy too much so left the top for another day. It will be mine though. And that fantastic belt: SOLD!


I hoped I’d be able to work this tunic as a dress, but sadly it didn’t look quite right on me. It’s beautiful though, definitely for someone much taller and with far ampler bosoms than myself.

Man. I wanted to love this so hard, but alas I seem to have a very different body to Evans’ fit model meaning that dresses never seem to look correct on me. Such a shame as it’s so cute and bang on trend. And in the sale if memory serves…

My khaki aversion is slowly being beaten down by the fashion business. This top isn’t normally my cup of tea but is definitely cute!

I think my face tells you everything you need to know here. Just when I thought all hope was lost, though…

Ahh, that’s better! Totally fell in love with this, despite not usually enjoying embroidered stuff. It’s delicate and pretty, but could be versatile, too. SOLD!


So I attempted to ‘make it work’ again! I believe the gorgeous Sakina has this jacket, and I thought I’d give it a go. This is an M, about a 10-12, but it is made of thick lovely jersey, the kind that feels like a nice hug when you wear it. Of course, it didn’t do up but there were no buttons anyway – it’s meant to be open! I really liked it, although an L would have been better I think.

(side view)

This skirt is also a size M. This looks like it belongs to Ulrika – to be honest I didn’t think I’d get it past my knees, but the stretch is ridiculous! It ticks all the boxes for me: flouncy, delicate, flowery… SOLD!

Attempting a mix and match. Not sure.

This dress was a size L, so 14-16. It fit but I feel these types of dresses are better when they flow. And, if I so much as put my head forward the back would ride up. Not bad, though!

New Look Inspire

Liked this cardigan on a lot more than I expected – I do like the buttoned at the top deal as it reminds me of 50’s twinsets. Here it is done up properly:

Not bad.

As nice as this looked, the material felt quite flimsy and as a result the top didn’t feel nice on. Which is a shame!

Similar to before, although the bottom half was made of a better material. I have to be honest though, I don’t understand why people would want bubble hemmed tops – dresses yes, but tops seems a little strange! This was sweet, though.

So there you have it! What is your fave item/look? I must say, I’m an idiot for passing up the Allison Hammond top as that with the belt is my favourite look, hands down. Next time!


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23 Responses to “Dressing room raid”

  1. vanessareece Says:

    Excuse me while I pick my jaw from off the floor. Firstly because you had the patience to get all those clothes together and take pictures, and secondly because you’re rocking everything. Even the things you don’t like.

    But the face with the floral number is funny. Girl, you made me smile with that one.

    I think I’d like to give you a big girl hug!!!
    Thanks so much for doing this post it has given me some ideas.

    V x

  2. Bethamint Says:

    Man, that blue skater dress from Evans looks better on you than it did on me when I did a changing room post. I think it’s just an awkward style to pull off maybe?

  3. Katrin Says:

    I always love your chancing room post so much!
    The dresses from Yours Clothing are totly adorable. And I love this tulip shape!
    I also like the peachy one from evans but the lace looks kind of unfinished…dunno somehow strange worn on ppl. The blue flower dress looks like it has the same kind of style/shape than another flower dress from evans I have, I actually love it, but it does not fit perfectly and it is a bit asymmetric cut (which is not on purpose but a mistake ://).
    The H&M things are also adorable, I like the lace skirt a lot…but like always it is funny how sizes at H&M are variable!

  4. Vanoue Says:

    Firstly we now are twins of skirt because I just bought that one!!!!!! (yes I lost the challenge!)

    Then I like most of things on you. I definitely love the kaki/floral dress from Evans on you even if it is not so cute on the online shop!

    I am now heading to the Alison Hammond range to take a look at that black dress!

    Thanks for this post!!!!!

  5. kiddotrue Says:

    this makes me want to come overseas and go try on a whole bunch of stuff! you’re too cute.

  6. Gazel Says:

    Great purchases! I want that H&M skirt, ahhh!

  7. The Pale and Pallor Princess Says:

    So glad you bought that first dress, it’s fab on you.
    lol, I kinda like the floral one you didn’t, it’s kinda cute.
    Some great finds, I love that you took pictures of everything.


  8. bargainfatshionista Says:

    The white skirt and tulip hem dress are to die for!


  9. Polway Says:

    I love the sequin jacket and the ‘Ulrikah’ skirt! Actually I pretty much love everything!

  10. jenn. Says:

    the mix&match photo/outfit is fabulous! – a definite yes!

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  12. erqa Says:

    how tall are you? i’m trying to envision that silver evans tunic on me–i’m 5’7″ and would love to own it if it fit like a short dress rather than a long shirt.

  13. Style Geek Says:

    Your expression with the Floral Evans Dress is priceless and cute – the dress is not. My favorite however is the H&M ensemble with the lacy skirt and sequin jacket – good mixin’ and matching. :-)

    I love dressing room raids. They’re always so soothing for me even if I don’t buy anything.


  14. Suburban Sweetheart Says:

    You call a lot of these “tops,” but they certainly look like dresses! Are you very short or am I missing something or is this British terminology I’m not familiar with?

    Regardless, I adore the first and third looks!

  15. vanessareece Says:

    Oh I realised I posted a pic of me in the black version of the Ulrika skirt. I was wearing the wrong top with it so it really didn’t work but you’re right – it really stretches. I may go back for the skirt as I think with a different top it would work. Thanks again. V x

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  17. nicolette Says:

    i still want that sequin blazer sooo badly!

  18. boombands Says:

    I keep coming back to this post. I LOVE how many places you went into and how you tried SO many different styles – this is kind of inspirational actually as something to look at and think – how might some of these things work for me. LOVE this post.

  19. manicmolly Says:

    ARGH! I want to go shopping with you! Everything looks fab!!!! I wish we had stores in Singapore where I can just walk in and try stuff!

  20. manda Says:

    my favourite is that khaki flower top from evans, it’s gorgeous on you :D alas, i am 5′ 8″ so i couldn’t rock it as a dress the way you could :(

    everything you tried on looks fab on you, i always get way too hot and bothered in changing rooms to even consider photo taking xD

  21. thepocketrocket Says:

    Vanessa: Aww, it looks like much harder work than it was! Although my parents were a bit annoyed at having to sit outside and wait for me ;) Hopefully we will get to meet and hug soon, yay!

    Beth: Yeah, it’s very strange. I know in my case it’s the lack of bust – pretty sure it’s meant to be an empire line!

    Katrin: Aww, thank you darlin’! Yeah I wasn’t as impressed with the nude lace top, but I’m sure it’ll look fab on a taller lady!

    Vanoue: Ah, you’re naughty buying clothes! It’s a lovely skirt though. The kakhi top I didn’t even notice online, but it definitely looks better in real life. :)

    kiddotrue: d’awww. You should!

    Pale & Pallor Princess: Thanks dear :D

    Bargain Fatshionista: They are aren’t they? I’ve practically lived in the tulip hem dress since I bought it. Great blog btw!

    Polway: Yay!

    Erqa: Unfortunately I’m small sized – 5′ 1″. I do still have to wear a skirt underneath so it would definitely be more of a top on someone taller sadly. Hope that helps!

    Style Geek: Haha, thanks! There’s nothing better than a window shop – it’s good to see what suits as well.

    SS: Nope not a British thing – they are tops, it’s just that I am so short I can get away with wearing them as dresses! It’s also why you never really see me in actual dresses from plus sized stores such as Evans – they’re usually far too long.

    Nicolette: It’s SO GOOD, and so comfortable!

    Boombands: Aww, thank you SO much Em, that means a lot as you are awesome at the changing room posts yourself!

    Manic Molly: Awh! That’s such a shame about Singapore – I forget that the UK is better than most countries when it comes to plus fashion.

    Manda: haha, thanks! I was getting a bit hot and bothered as well, but you might as well see me at my worst as well as my best ;)

  22. Rai Says:

    Your hair and facial expression makes me think of you as a brunette Tor from fabfrocks.blogspot.com :3

  23. Stephyy Says:

    Hi! I stumbled upon your blog lol and I like it! I find your blog genius! I have a blog of my own and I tend to write about certain blogs that I find interesting I haven’t done it in a while but now I have a reason to! May I write about yours! :)


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