Dress Flash: Monochrome

Just a quick reminder – You have until Friday (14/05/10) to get 10% off orders over £40 at Evans with EVPOCKET. Go, shoo, buy pretty things! And then come back and tell me what they are please? :D xx

As you may have gathered by now, I’m pretty much a clandestine sucker for a good dress. I do find that plus size dresses tend to have less detailing or are less eye catching than their straight size counterparts, but recently I’ve been really impressed by some gorgeous stuff from Faith21 and Plus Size Fix. Here are my favourites:

ONE: Faith21 Mystery Ruched Dress, $24.80
I’m really impressed with the ruching of the first dress, especially as it’s sewn in a way that draws the eye upward which definitely appeases my obsession with all things asymmetrical!

TWO: Faith21 Tux Event Dress, $22.80
The detailing on dress number two is subtle, but the fact that it has been included at all is a bold step. A flat panel of fabric over the stomach? Ruching around the mid section? A fabric that holds a shape and doesn’t flow? All of these things would have been considered a no go not even a year ago. That Faith21 are putting out clothes like this is really, really exciting to me.

THREE: Plus Size Fix Polka Dot Bubble Hem dress, $44.99
Now this dress is pretty much the dress I would have committed murder for back in the day (and I wouldn’t mind it now to be honest). Isn’t it adorable? I’m so pleased that someone actually thought to make this in a bigger size and make 17 year old soft-goth/rockabilly girls very, very happy.

FOUR: Was Faith21, but appears to be sold out… Sorry!
This is the dress I would commit murder for now. Form fitting, striking and pretty unique – perfect. Plus, not entirely dissimilar to Crystal Renn’s lovely Chanel dress from yesterday:

Image courtesy of Vogue Curvy

Alas I can’t get my hands on any of the above beauties as they’re all US based and I am poor. Here is my small slice of the mono action:

Zebra print courts by Evans :D


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8 Responses to “Dress Flash: Monochrome”

  1. Letilor Says:

    All four dresses are perfect, I love strapless dresses because it is the style that I wear the most.

  2. Monique Says:

    OMG…I LOVE #4!!!!!!!!!!! I want it!!!!

  3. Jude Says:

    So I have been on faith21 tail lately they have been buying from some new vendors!!!!! And the 4th dress is from the new vendor. For the life of me I cannot remember the name…but it was something like maxim or maximum. They are amazing quality. Better then faith21 super cute too BUT they run smaller then faith21. I usually where a 1x from there and that dress I tried on was in a 2x. I didn’t buy it because it was too too short but it was very cute!!!

  4. Kat Says:

    I love the polka dot one!

    (I am still a little bit in love with a kinda gothy emo look too.. at the age of 28, I still think I can get away with dressing like I did at 18…)

  5. Women dresses Says:

    The polkadot dress looks lovely!!I also like the looks of the first dress.

  6. Katrin Says:

    Such a shame that ordering from US is always such a big deal and expensive >___< TAX AND DUTY FREE FOR ALL DRESSES PLEASE!!

  7. bargainfatshionista Says:

    Oh my gosh, I love number four. I wish I fit into Faith21’s clothes and it was still in stock! Fudgesicles.


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