Damn do I love seeing big girls on the runway

Hello all! Thanks so much for all your links in the last post and for contacting me via Twitter, I think I’m up to date with links. You’re all so stylish and super.

Can I just say, how much do we all love the French Glamour feature on plus bloggers, complete with a photoshoot featuring three of France’s chicest ladies? It’s brilliant! Sakina has a write up and behind the scenes pics of the day, it looks like such a fun experience. So exciting!

Another quick addage: Evans have kindly given me a discount code for anyone who reads this! Just use EVPOCKET at the online checkout and you’ll get 10% off any orders over £40. Woop! Get buying, kids!

I came across these photos this morning via Jezebel, and while they aren’t strictly fashionfashion I just had to post them here. A catwalk show was held in Paris this week in aid of (I believe, do correct me if I’m wrong) creating fashion from recycled materials, sponsored by Christian Lacroix. It featured women of various heights, colours, shapes and sizes, including these two babes:

Work it, ladies! I’m not keen on the gowns at all (well… ditch the cream petticoat on the 1st pic and we’re talking) but seeing genuinely plus sized women on the runways and in magazines really does make me a little giddy with excitement.

What do you think?

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3 Responses to “Damn do I love seeing big girls on the runway”

  1. Christina Says:

    I think it’s great that women of all shapes and sizes are encouraged to feel good about themselves. As a big gal myself, i think it is confidence first and foremost that makes anything you wear on your back look utterly fabulous…this confidence is pushed to the ultimate limit though when you are made to wear a black bin bag with a net curtain underlay (sponsored by Christian Lacroix or not) . The woman’s expression in the last photo says it all…

    I have to say the woman in the first photo looks great, the cut of the dress is so much more flattering and because of this she seems to be ‘working’ the runway.

    Anyways as anyone who knows me will know, i’m a short hemline, tits out kinda lady with the ethos of ‘fat flesh is as good as any lady who has less’. Don’t wear anything that makes you feel less than a million dollars by compromising on a good cut!! Wear your skin (and extra inches) with pride ladies! :)

    Great blog Lauren!!!!


  2. Lou Says:

    It’s bloody brillant! Not too keen on the dresses though :-(

    There was an article in the Times magazine about Crystal Renn et al and it was really enlightening to see Sz 18 models in swimsuits working it and most enlightening to hear my boyfriend say ‘they’re not even big’…at least he knows a real woman when he sees one, I just think that other women have got to be more supportive of bigger women now!

  3. Phuong Says:

    I think its great! Women come in all shapes and sizes, and they are all beautiful! Why do we need to sell an “ideal” image? I love that the fashion industry seems to be moving in that direction. I’m not soo keen on the dresses they are wearing, but sometime, couture leaves me confused.

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