Link Amnesty!

It’s been an extremely exciting time to be part of the “fatshion” blogging world of late, with some incredible opportunities coming my way and many of the more established blogs gaining press attention all over the world, which is totally brilliant and definitely deserved. However, it’s understandable that the sheer volume of blogs now means that inevitably some fly under the radar no matter how awesome they are. This is such a shame!

Talking things over with Blog to Be Alive, STOP!!! You’re Broke!!!, Diva in Deep Thought, Embrace Your Curves and Definatalie on Twitter, Valerie suggested a regular links round up that gives everyone an equal space, and Natalie has posted a little link adding bot which means everyone can add what they think is the best content of late. Personally I try really hard to make sure all fatshion blog links are represented here and keep up with them all, but sadly I am just one person and it is pretty hard to keep up sometimes. So, I propose a blog amnesty!

If you see that a blog link is missing that really should be there, then comment here with the link and I’ll add it as soon as I can. It’ll also be worth giving a brief introduction so anyone reading can check it out too!

The fatshion blogging community is growing every day, but we are all in this together. After all, it’s just fun, and more people means more fun right?

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17 Responses to “Link Amnesty!”

  1. matronjo Says:

    Definatly! I am going to dedicate a post this week to showcasing ledder know blogs x

  2. matronjo Says:

    sorry spelling ;-0

  3. CurvyGirlChic Says:

    Oh i think this is a great idea! There are so many blogs that just don’t get the attention they deserve! :) Love that Dive in Deep Thought does those Diva Spotlights and is so supportive! :)

    xo Allison of CurvyGirlChic

  4. Chastity Garner Says:

    Love the idea and you positivity! Kudos to you

  5. Suburban Sweetheart Says:

    Love the idea but also hope to see some more fashion from YOU soon!

  6. Rocket Dog Shoes: Stylish Footwear With Comfort :Apparel Outlet USA Says:

    […] Link Amnesty! « Pocket Rocket […]

  7. Sarah Says:

    Awesome idea, I love finding new blogs.
    I’ve been so inspired by all the amazing ones that I’ve been reading in the last year or so that I started my own a couple months ago. I’d be honoured if you’d include mine:
    My first love has always been accessories, so I always feature my Bling of the Day. I do a lot of Outfits of the day too and am currently participating in a 27 dresses in 27 days challenge.

    A couple of the other ones I follow that I didn’t see here are:

  8. Polway Says:

    This is a great idea! I love finding new blogs.
    I’ve just started a blog myself, and I’d be honoured if you would check it out!
    keep up the good work :) xx

  9. tabayag Says:

    I’ve been loving this idea! I totally love being part of a community – and communities support each other! Kudos!

    Sarah @

  10. thepocketrocket Says:

    Excellent! Will be adding your links tonight, fab blogs! xx

  11. sigit Says:

    Gud…. please check my web… thanks….

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