New dress x3

Oh my poor little blog! My life’s been incredibly hectic now I’m trying to branch out and do more fun stuff with my life. Which is sad because I enjoy this so much and don’t have the time to keep up with it and all of you. BOOOO. I hope everyone is well!

My stupidly busy weeks have been punctuated with nice purchases though, so I figured I should show you all here, complete with links to those still on sale – here goes…

Shift dress, Shoes: New Look Inspire/Wide Fit
Spot tights: Simply Be
Lace gloves: ASOS
Black shrug: Yours Clothing
Pink bow headband: Primark

Pictures just don’t do this dress justice. It’s probably the best thing I’ve ever bought from New Look Inspire, it has a lovely shape to it and fits beautifully!

Dogtooth dress/tunic: Yours Clothing
Red tights: Evans
Shoes: New Look Wide Fit

Black, white and red is probably my favourite colour combination, and I try to wear it as much as I can. Not sure if it started before or after I became an obsessed Interpol fan (now jovially referred to as InterLOLOLOLOL) but it’s stayed with me for a long time. As soon as I saw this top on the web I knew it had to be mine! This is one of the few perks of being a shortarse, in that I can wear longline tops as dresses, like this. Like the dress above, I’d say this is the best thing I’ve bought from Yours, and I’ve been buying from them for years. The turnaround is really cool to see.

Lace overlay dress: Dorothy Perkins Tall range
Velvet belt: Evans
Spot tights: Simply Be
Shoes: New Look Wide Fit
Sequin bow headband: Primark

I tried on and bought this dress in a rush last week, not sure whether I like it or not. I know now that I don’t like it. I fucking LOVE it! The underlay is tshirt material, so it’s deceptively comfy but still makes me feel all glam. All the lace around at the moment makes me so happy! I’ll probably wear this out to my birthday next week.

Let me know what your fave outfit is! xx


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33 Responses to “New dress x3”

  1. jenn Says:

    INTERPOL! gahhhhhhh, i’ve been obsessed for 2 years now…. (CMON NEW ALBUM! early 2010 my arse)
    cute dresses ;)

  2. Michelle Says:

    I LOVE the entire outfit in the first picture. You look so adorable!

  3. thepocketrocket Says:

    Thanks Michelle! xx

    Jenn, I kinda fell out of love with ’em a few years ago but I do reminisce sometimes… haha. Thanks love! xx

  4. Carla Says:

    Absolutely LOVE everything – i may have to check those red tights out as i’ve been looking for some in that shade! xxxxx
    red white and black reminds of early white stripes stuff :DD xxxx

  5. alegra Says:

    1. cute, 2. cute, 3. cute. but nr 1 is my fave! i cant get enough of light pink recently, it’s a little worrying. what a gorgeous dress!

  6. Jill Says:

    I love dresses, and I think all three are wonderful… I’m kind of jealous :)

  7. Katrin Says:

    Hmm can’t decide which one is the best, I like the first and think that I would wear it in just the same way.
    The second one is really gret too, I am not very often wearing red, but I like the combination. And the last one is really glam diva style, with a lovely head piece :)

  8. Weesha Says:

    I love them all but the second one is maddd cute!

  9. Eline Says:

    Aww, this is all too cute! And you know what? I can’t decide which outfit is my favourite because I love them all. So sweeetttt and you look utterly great and fabulous in everything!

  10. Noora Says:

    I love them all! But if I had to choose I’d choose the last outfit.

  11. StephanieDJL Says:

    LOVE these! First outfit is my favourite though, that dress, headband and tights need to be in my life! ;D

  12. Georgina Says:

    I love all 3 outfits, but the first is definately my fav! I love the finishing touches (like the gloves!) you’ve added. I once bought a pair of lace gloves, but I’ve never worn them as I feel silly in them. They really work on you with that outfit though!

  13. PJ Says:

    OMG, you look great!!! I love all three of the dresses, I don’t know which one I love most!! TOO FAB!!!

  14. Bethamint Says:

    Love love love the NL bow dress on you! I wish I’d bought it now…
    The dogtooth dress with the red tights makes me swoon too
    You’re so fab always Lauren! <3

  15. ulrika Says:

    you look amazing in all outfits, really hard choice but i think the second one is my fav, that dress really suits you!xxx

  16. Val - Blog to be Alive Says:

    I love the three outfits but the last one is my favourite! So cute! I wanted to buy that dress too but now I realize even the tall one will look short on me. LOL

  17. Naomi Says:

    Those outfits are fab!!! I love them! Especially love what you did with the Yours houndstooth dress! I really love Yours atm, so affordable!

  18. Skooter Says:

    Ack, just discovered your blog, it’s so great! I loooove your style. These outfits are all adorable and amazing. I can’t decide between the second and last dress!

  19. intothesystem Says:

    I love the last one too! :)

  20. Frances Says:

    You’re so ladylike and pretty! I love the houndstooth tunic and red tights.

  21. Allison Says:

    I LOOOOVE that lace dress! Super cute and so flattering! You look gorgeous in all your outfits hun! :)

  22. Nadia Says:

    Am in love with all three outfits and am wishing I owned those dresses as they are cute! I love that ladylike, kitch, edgy look x

  23. Nik Says:

    Stomping away sulking because I don’t have any of those dresses! You look AMAZING! My fave? Probably the first look,love the dress,gloves,tights,everything.

  24. Vanoue Says:

    Definitely love your blog, your style, the way you apropriate the clothes.

  25. Sabina Says:

    Hello :)
    My name is Sabina ( I am writing about some plus size blogger (in germany they’re really rarely!) in the following weeks/months. So I want to mention you in this post. For this I took some pictures from your blog and maybe you could reply to my email adress ( if it’s okay? Oh … and if you want to be mentioned in my blogpost could you answer some questions for it? But first just reply your answer :)
    thank you so much!!!

  26. 30Dressesin30Days Says:

    I cannot begin to tell you how much I LOVE these outfits. That second dress/tights is so cute you made my heart skip for a moment.

  27. thepocketrocket Says:

    Gaaah I will reply to you all idividually eventually but for now I want to say thank you for all your lovely comments! xxx

  28. Miss Jeanett Says:

    Oh my god, you have such a cool style!! You’re so cute!


  29. QueenDiva Says:

    I just did a blog update and included a link to your blog… check it out…

  30. Wendy Says:

    Number 3 is my fave … just love it and it looks super-ueber sweet on you.

  31. Leena Says:

    OH! I could wear all those clothes! Your style is awesome! ^o^

  32. kittehinfurs Says:

    That New Look dress is LOVE.

  33. nicolette Says:

    i miss the uk. this is a huge part of WHY i miss the uk.

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