Like everyone else who gave more than a passing glance at the world of fashion, I’m totally gutted at the death of Alexander McQueen. There’s nothing I can say that hasn’t already been said a thousand times, but just… wow. When so many people eulogise about somebody after their passing it’s natural to think they’re just being theatrical or melodramatic, but what people are saying about McQueen? All believeable. He was so unique and an unbelievably brilliant artist. Personally I always respected his lack of respect for the fashion industry and the way he resolutely did his own thing – and managed to get away with it, because he was so damn good at it.

Apparently his AW10/11 collection (due to show on my birthday, funnily enough) was pretty much finished before he died. I think it should be shown as the final piece in his design legacy. SS10 was, literally, nothing anyone had ever seen before. I can only imagine what he and his design team had in store for us this season.

RIP McQueen, the fashion industry just got a lot less exciting without you.

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One Response to “Despair…”

  1. Eline Says:

    You’re right. I find public grieving annoying partially because of people always tend to romanticise the deceased (even more so than you would with someone close to you) but though genius, visionary and all those terms might sound overrated I really believe they’re true, especially when looking at his latest collections.

    I’m glad he pretty much finished his last collection, I didn’t know that yet!

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