Outfit: florals and (fake) fur

Talk about being all dressed up with nowhere to go.


Dress: Evans
Faux fur coat: thrifted (cost me £5!)
Belt and boots: New Look
Headband: Primark

Has everyone seen the lovely article on fat fashion blogs in the Guardian? Check it out here. Fat Girls Like Nice Clothes Too!, Young Fat & Fabulous, Musings of a Fatshionista, Forays in Fatshion, Fatshionable, The Manfattan Project, Fatshionista, and Frocks & Frou Frou are all featured, photographed and/or interviewed. It’s so great, well done ladies! I have to say I’m pretty jealous – I bloody LOVE Kira Cochrane!

It’s so cool that there are incredible fashionable, stylish plus sized blogs popping up all over the net now. I try and add them all to my links but can barely keep up! So if you have a blog and I’ve forgotten to link you then badger me and I’ll make sure to add you. You’re all completely inspirational. Kiss Kiss!


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21 Responses to “Outfit: florals and (fake) fur”

  1. Val - Blog to be Alive Says:

    Cute outfit!

  2. letilor Says:

    Love this dress !


    (I’ll also linker you blog on my blogroll)

  3. ulrika Says:

    Love this outfit, you look adorable!xxx

  4. MessyCarla Says:

    I know I was SO happy when I read that article! and i love your outfit :) xxxxxxx

  5. Sophie Says:

    Wow, love this dress! Is it in the shops now? :)

  6. Katkins1982 Says:

    I <3 this outfit, especially the cute hairband!

  7. Eline Says:

    FLUFF VEST! Jealous! :D Also, super cute dress! You look great.

  8. alegra Says:

    cute cute cute. enough said :) i got the same headband but i don’t dare wearing it in german streets. people find my glasses offensive, so i couldn’t possibly puzzle them with a giant bow on my head. but i’d love to!

  9. jenn Says:

    love your blog!
    must pass your link on to my best friend, who is also a plus sized blogger (at http://onefabulousthingafteranother.blogspot.com/).

  10. bloomie Says:

    Everytime you remix this dress I think of how I must sort out ways to remix it and not let it languish until spring.

  11. articles Says:

    thank’s u post, i like this .articles

  12. Sophia Maria Says:

    You look absolutely amazing!! Great style and great blog!

  13. Suburban Sweetheart Says:

    The dress is adorable & the entire outfit is a huge win.

  14. Brittany Says:

    super cute!! Add me too! Mine is vintage fashion for curvy gals. Here I am!http://vavoomvintage.blogspot.com/

  15. phyaflyjones Says:

    I’m living in floral this season. this dress is life

  16. Vanoue Says:

    so lovely!

  17. Fashion Texture and Fabric Cuts With Bratz | Fashion Style Advice Says:

    […] Outfit: florals and (fake) fur « Pocket Rocket […]

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