Seeing Double


Bet you didn’t think you’d be hearing from me this side of 2009, right? I’ve been in enforced fashion hibernation for the past few months. But I’m counting down the seconds till 2010 when hopefully I’ll be able to join in the fun again.

In the meantime, I’m sure all you savvy fatshionistas have heard the news about V Magazine’s size issue, due out in January! It promises to be super exciting and fabulous, even despite the inclusion of Karl (two pints of)Lager(and a packet of crisps for the fatties)feld. and V have released preview pictures of one of the shoots, called One Size Fits All. I see what you did there. It shows straight-size model Jacquelyn Jablonski and plus-size supermodel Crystal Renn in a series of near identical shots, which manages to prove the point that we’re all trying to make here: size is irrelevant to the supposedly-sacred ‘fashion fantasy‘ pearl-clutching fashion zealots use repeatedly as a reasoning to abandon models above size 2. Because look, here’s a 2 and a 12, and they’re BOTH workin’ it! Have one example, where they look spookily like an American Apparel ad:

Who looks better? Actually that’s kind of an irrelevant question – they both look incredible, don’t they? I have to admit I’d have loved a Velvet D’Amour or a Johanna Dray in a modern shoot like this, but I’ll take any high fashion size acceptance that I can. And damn, do I want a necklace like theirs.

Check out the full size shots here or see Frances of Corpulent’s take on it here.

Both photos are copyrighted to V Magazine and and were taken by Terry Richardson. More shoot previews are coming in the next few days. Thanks for spoiling us at Christmas, all of you! Mwah!

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11 Responses to “Seeing Double”

  1. Val - Blog to be Alive Says:

    They have awesome photoshopped tighs. ;) lol

    I am curious to see the Lagerfeld pictures.

  2. Rachel Says:

    Why are magazine shots always so badly photoshopped?

    Also if as 12 is plus-sized then I could be a plus-sized model if I was a little taller :o

    • thepocketrocket Says:

      Hehe, yeah, well fashion is a little behind in those terms. A US6/UK10 can be considered a plus model. I normally hate photoshopping too, although it sort of works for these photos in my opinion :)

  3. Frances Says:

    There’ll be more previews?! *HIGH KICK*

  4. Eline Says:

    I absolutely love this! It really does show how all of these looks can look great on different body shapes. is claiming that they’re setting u the two models to “compete”. Mostly I agree with Jezebel but urgh I don’t see any competence in this… That said, Crystal is definitely rocking this!

    • Frances Says:

      God, I hate that. I’ve heard that on a few others blogs too.

      I don’t think it’s the shoot that makes them compete – we are the ones pitting them against each other. I’ve seen so many comments along the lines of: “Jacquelyn seems bored” or “Crystal won’t be as successful”.

      The spread is called One Size Fits All for a reason. Both models have their own style and bring their own skills to the picture. Jacquelyn could never compare to Crystal, and Crystal could never compare to Jacquelyn. That’s the beauty of the spread. It proves that both sizes can work a high fashion editorial. It shows that diversity is beautiful.

      • thepocketrocket Says:

        It annoys me as well – they’re showing a SIMILARITY, and all anyone feels compelled to do is pit them against each other. Because it comes “naturally” to the female species, or some bull like that. And having women in solidarity is far too scary for the media, right?

        That’s why I’m so glad there are bloggers who outright refuse to take part in that sort of language though. Preach!

    • thepocketrocket Says:

      Frances put it extremely well, and I certainly hate the competition aspect of it as well. I guess people just aren’t used to seeing straight and plus models as united, since there’s been all matter of mud-slinging on both sides.

      By the way Eline, may I ask how you get your hair such a delightful shade of pink? My friend has fallen in love with your hair colour and is thinking about going a similar shade but isn’t sure how! Thanks dear x

  5. Kirsty Says:

    love this x

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