Ghosts of Halloween past…

Happy Halloween everyone! Alas my unemployment-imposed exile from any social activity means I’ll be staying in with some horror DVD’s (Lost Boys, Audition, The Hunger, Garth Marenghi’s Darkplace… ha!) dressed only as Lauren Ding. It makes me sad because I LOVE dressing up! Last year I went to three fancy dress parties, so I figure I’ll show you what I went as.

This time last year I went to my friend’s Halloween party as Holly Golightly. I had all the accessories, the cigarette holder, gloves and tiara and prescription sunglasses but there doesn’t seem to be any pictures with all of it – possibly too drunk by the time the cameras came out… Oops.


Earlier in the year my friend held a birthday party – unbeknown to her, we arranged for it to be biblical fancy dress (it was Easter weekend I think) and as it was her birthday, she would be God. I faffed about my costume for weeks before deciding on the day to go as the Garden of Eden:


(Why do I look so grumpy?)


Detail shot! The flowers and foliage were fake and sewn on. I made Adam and Eve, the snake and the apple in felt and stuck them on with sticky tape. Funnily enough my friend turned up as the apple, we weren’t sure if it was a red or green apple so she was half and half. Oh dear.


My absolute favourite costume though was for my friends’ club’s Halloween special. I went as Babs Gordon aka Batgirl aka Oracle aka my favourite comic character EVER EVER EVER!


…HAHAHAHAHAHA. Oh jeez. I got a lot of compliments though, as not many people turned up in fancy dress that night so I had a lot of people asking for my photo, as if I was some celebrity!


Hanging out with Edward Scissorhands and one half of The Shining Girls, aww. Camilla, Alex and John are djing at Hell House tonight, they even offered guestlist but I can’t afford to go. Sob!

What are you all going as for Halloween?


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4 Responses to “Ghosts of Halloween past…”

  1. Val - Blog to be Alive Says:

    The Garden of Eden costume is brilliant!

    We don’t really celebrate Halloween here (except in a few clubs) so like you I’ll be watching some dvds at home. :)

  2. Deborah-lee Says:

    We don’t celebrate in Australia either. I’m loving everyone’s costumes though, makes me want to dress up too!

    I too love the Garden of Eden costume.. though you do make a sex Batgirl

  3. Frances Says:

    The fact that you love comics and dressed up as Batgirl makes me love you that much more.

  4. Kirsty Says:

    lol loving your past costumes xoxox

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