Outfit: Jumper Dress

Who knew looking through all the runway shows of fashion weeks would take SO. MUCH. TIME?! Seriously. I feel like a fashion zoid. Since straight size fashion has dominated the blog recently, I figure I’ll interrupt with a couple of posts about stuff we can actually wear and afford, before rounding up Paris and then figuring out which trends we can rip off in a few months. Yay!

But first, a little outfit:

Dress: Dorothy Perkins (a few years old)
Mid heels: Evans
Brooch: Vintage and gifted
Feather headband: Primark

I’ve had this dress for a few years and I love it to bits. It’s made of ponte so is super warm and snuggly, but looks slightly witchy combined with 60’s mod girl. Here in Britain summer ended and winter apparently began within about a day of each other. Where autumn went, I have no idea, but it’s FREEZING. And like most families we have a pact to not put our heating on until November unless it’s a matter of life and death, gah! So I’m still wearing the dress, except now I have my jogging bottoms, two pairs of bed socks and my mum’s fleece on as well. Trendy.

I always get comments on my glasses when I wear them – usually I wear contacts so my friends forget I even need glasses. And then of course every time I bring them out everyone suddenly goes “Ooh, are they new specs?” and I have to explain no, you’ve seen me in them before! I like these because I cheated a bit. The other question I get, as with most glasses, is what label they are – are they Gucci? Are they Prada?! As it turns out, I bought them in an airport gift lounge in Gothenburg. They were nameless ready-readers that I had my prescription put in to back home.

By the way, I also apologise for the lack of glamour and inclusion of radiators/door handles/my parents’ DVD and CD collection in my shots. My house is a bit small, we don’t have much wall space or space enough to get a full length outfit shot in, apart from these places! And like most grown adults who still have to live with their parents, I’m way too ashamed of the mess to take pictures in my own bedroom.


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8 Responses to “Outfit: Jumper Dress”

  1. syrupsandwiches Says:

    That brooch makes my entire soul dance. Too cute. I’m not a kitten heal kinda girl but those are adorable

  2. Mars Says:

    This outfit is AMAZING :D I love the way you styled it with the pin/shoes/etc :) you look gorgeous!

  3. Bethamint Says:

    So cute, go Lauren!

  4. Emmie Says:

    I really like the shoes and the brooch. You’re so cute.

  5. alegra Says:

    loving the post and the outfit and the very english front room!
    and i made that radiator pact with myself as well, until it’s a matter of me freezing to death, i will dress up in a blanket toga at home!

  6. ulrika Says:

    Love it!!u look great! xxx

  7. Outfit: Double Dress | Pocket Rocket Says:

    […] confronted with a summers’ worth of cotton dresses. Not good. My answer? I doubled up, using this jumper dress which is now a bit too short for me to wear […]

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