Milan Fashion Week: The Anomalies

I always feel Milan, despite some of the huge stalwart fashion houses based there, has a little less of a purpose compared to the other major fashion weeks. Paris is for the conceptualists and the romantics. New York is for the understated, maturing but still affluent women. And London is just an all out party for the kids! I suppose Milan stands for status fashion – a lot of their biggest names aren’t just fashion houses anymore, they’re full on commercial brands: Versace, Fendi, D&G, Moschino, Gucci – pretty much everyone in the western world has at some point owned something emblazoned with one of these labels across it, whether it be the real deal or a market stall knock-off. Right? Fashionistas coo over the quality and construction of high fashion garments, but when it comes to Italian fashion? We don’t really care, as long as it has the name all over that shit so everyone can see how much we paid!

But anyway, I digress. This Milan Fashion week was a special one. Why? BECAUSE, you guys, VERSUS IS BACK!

Versus was the Versace offshoot that Gianni gave to his little sister, Donatella, to look after. It was younger, a little cheaper and much cooler, and managed to run until around 2002. Donatella felt the time was right to bring it back and in a stroke of genius asked Britain’s Christopher Kane to do the honours. According to him he looked into the Versus archives and indeed, the use of safety pins and peeps of flesh recall the glorius 90’s – remember Liz Hurley?

Full collection here

Milan is also the only major fashion week to feature a plus size range, Elena Miro:

(I’m surprised Marina Rinaldi doesn’t get featured as well, since its parent company Max Mara and sister brand Sportmax shows at Milan. Clearly the idea of TWO plus brands is just totally out there.)

This isn’t my favourite EM season, I must admit. (That honour goes to A/W08, which on retrospect was actually pretty fashion forward. Also, that link really makes me miss Too Fat For Fashion!) This season generally feels like a “wealthy white woman goes on a retro safari” collection which is not my cup of tea at all, but there are some gorgeous pieces: the jumpsuit especially, and the shoes. The mustard dress is also to die for, although would look hilariously wrong on me!

Full collection here

One down, one to go!


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