Milan Fashion Week: My Favourites

WARNING: Very image heavy. Not very dial-up friendly I’m afraid!

Just a quick disclaimer: while I do appreciate and enjoy the current biker trends that are around at the moment (and I was totally wrong when I said it’ll be over by next season – it’s all over Milan and Paris at the moment!), what tickles me most is definitely ladylike, girly and and cutesy stuff. I can’t help myself, people. I’m sorry. Basically, if you want to see hot chicks in leather you’ll probably hate this post. Haha.

All photos are from WWD.

Luisa Beccaria:

This is almost offensively quaint, on a par with Cath Kidston… But I adore it anyway. It’s ultra feminine, yes, like Little Women written in pink lipstick. But it didn’t feel patronising, I don’t think anyway. I love the shock of red nails and lipstick as well. The skirt suit is my favourite piece, especially with the lattice belt!

Full collection here

Alberta Ferretti:

This collection could have been made for the mothers of Luisa Beccaria’s girls. Both collections featured the same turn of the century influences but Alberta Ferretti chose the neutral and slightly more sombre version. I really do love all the flower appliques on everything. I’ve seen them featured in a lot of collections this season!

Full collection here


I LOVED this! It was so tongue in cheek and fun, with these grand ball gowns styled with fire warden accessories. What I loved about this collection most though was the glasses. Every model wore them, and they all looked gorgeous. More glasses please! I also need those red boots on the right in my life. Right now.

Full collection here


Anna Molinari’s youthful offshoot of Blumarine was fairly high street, understandably. But it was still cute, wearable and lots of fun. I do have a real weak spot for coloured leopard print and poppies, so maybe I’m biased!

Full collection here

Moschino Cheap and Chic:

Another youth-oriented diffusion range. Probably for women younger than me, but I want it all anyway, especially the white heart dress!

Full collection here

Giorgio Armani:

To me there wasn’t a huge difference between the Emporio and Giorgio Armani collections this season, although perhaps I had Fashion Week Fatigue by the point. I just really loved the jacket detailing paired with the easy pants. The dress on the left totally reminds me of Metropolis, one of my favourite films!

Full collection here

And last but not least…


This was tight, sporty, futuristic. Dresses and ensembles that could have been ordinary were adorned with all kinds of gadgetry and embellishments but still retained this ultra luxurious sci-fi glamour. A lot of people say this collection reminded them of Gucci’s 90’s heyday, and I’m inclined to agree!

Full collection here

Phew! What do you think? What’s been your favourite collections so far?


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4 Responses to “Milan Fashion Week: My Favourites”

  1. Kirsty Says:

    oh i love the first lot they are super girlie xoxoox

  2. thefatandskinny Says:

    I loved these collections. I saw the teen vogue issue online but I want to get the actually mag.

  3. Darlene Says:

    Any idea how much the white heart dress from Moschino cheap & chic is selling for?? I’m in love with it. Would make a good birthday dress :) But I’m living in Asia though..

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