Unfashionably Late! My Top 3 LFW Collections

So while I’ve been mooching around and sorting out life stuff London Fashion Week finshed, Milan Fashion Week came and went and now we’re on to Paris Fashion Week (undoubtedly the best one!). Oops. But since I have been spending hours playing catch up online, I’d still like to share with you my favourite collections – they’ll just be later than normal! In the meantime I recommend you follow The Fat and Skinny on Fashion who’s been awesome in keeping on top of things!

All photos are from WWD.

Basso & Brooke

I feel like B&B trumped Mary Katrantzou in the kerazy colour play this season, although perhaps that’s because they’ve been at it far longer. I’m in love with the dress on the far right – and if I’m not mistaken, there’s a rather similar dress coming out from Evans this winter, so YAY!


Luella can sometimes (okay, most times) come across as a kitschly English cliche, what with her equestrian hobbies, upper class connotations and collections chock full of pinks, florals, tweeds and laces that never fails to divide opinion. I can’t help myself – I love her work, and this collection was no exception. It was kitsch, yes, and unabashedly retro, but in a surprisingly understated and mature way. The heart shaped cut outs were a lovely touch.

Peter Pilotto

One thing I loved about this season was the infusion of colour to the point where I couldn’t figure out where one colour began and another ended. Pilotto‘s fabric looks almost two-tone!

Back to playing catch up… I did sneak a look at Pugh‘s SS10 collection though, fantastic as always!


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5 Responses to “Unfashionably Late! My Top 3 LFW Collections”

  1. Katrin Says:

    OMG! I love Luella, the black heart dress ist so adorable. And this sweet pink one…and also the red and polkadoted one I realy like…wow…. Ta all realy has this retro touch, which I love about it and ist still lokks modern and kind of new.

    And I also adore the make-up they wear. So dramatic!

  2. sarah Says:

    pilotto is the best out of those by miles, although I guess it can’t really be replicated by the highstreet because its all about the lush, expensive fabrics. I hope someone will have a go anyway.

    I feel abit sorry for the model second from left cos I can see her flesh coloured knickers :(

  3. Fifi Says:

    Massive fan of Pilotto. His skirts, at least, are a slightly more affordable way of buying in, and look super-chic with a simple vest and tux jacket. I’m slathering.

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