Trying on clothes, so you don’t have to!

The whole LFW debate is starting to get tedious now, so I figure I’ll shoot a quick update. Alas, I’m still dreadfully poor – but that doesn’t stop a girl from spending ages trying on every dress in her favourite stores, right? The only difference being me leaving them all on the rack as I leave!

Dorothy Perkins:

Oh Dotty P, you’re like my best friend!

Monsoon are also pretty damn exquisite:

I love Monsoon, they’re truly timeless. I’d like to point out the sizes of those garments are UK14, UK20 and UK18 respectively – the first top is too small although could still work with a bit more confidence! The other dresses were actually on the larger side. As other fatsion bloggers such as Miss J have pointed out, it’s all about how it fits, not the number on the label. You’d be surprised at what can work on your body!


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20 Responses to “Trying on clothes, so you don’t have to!”

  1. Frances Says:

    Please rob a bank or something. That green sequin dress and the last dress from Monsoon look so cute on you – you have to buy them.

  2. jessica Says:

    i ADORE that black DP dress on you. the cut is so cute and unique!

    i’m stateside, so not familiar with their sizings at DP… did you find that dress to run big or small…as was there any stretch to it?

    i’d love to hear back from you, you have a great blog!

    • Frances Says:

      I’m in Australia, and our sizes are slightly different to the UK. I’ve ordered from Evans and DP online by measuring myself, going by their size chart and using my common sense. For instance, my measurements put me in between a UK size 18 and 20. For tighter things (like leggings and bodycon dresses) I go for the smaller size. For things that should be looser (like coats) I go for the larger size.

      And if it’s all wrong, both offer free refunds if you return the items back to them within 14 days of receipt.

    • thepocketrocket Says:

      Hi jessica! I find that Dorothy Perkins fits pretty true to size, although the dresses and skirts can run smaller on tall figures (I’m 5’1″). It’s not as roomy as Evan’s sizing but is definitely more generous than most of the UK high street :)

      Hope that helped, and thanks so much!

  3. Bethamint Says:

    You are queen of dresses!
    I think Dotty P dress no. 4 is my favourite!
    I’m looking forward to the january sales already so I can bag me some cheap monsoon dresses <3

  4. alegra Says:

    agreed! you need to rob a bank or just steal the first dress, so so nice! i want it, but i wouldn’t know where or when to wear it…

  5. ayu Says:

    me likey the sequin dress!! i link you honey

  6. syrupsandwiches Says:

    that emerald sequinned dress is everything.

  7. Mary Ellen Says:

    I think the third DP dress down looks stunning on you, and definitely underlines what you’ve been saying about loose tunic dresses. Sometimes it’s nice to wear something fitted! xx

  8. Elle Woods Says:

    Thank you for wearing the dress. I’m tall and Busty so sometimes im limited to the tall section and often have to buy a size bigger cos of you know what. Bookmarking your blog.

  9. Maria Says:

    That green sequined dress. TO DIE FOR!!!! And #4, seriously, soooo good.

  10. Mars Says:

    The first, the fourth, oh my! *fans self* <3

  11. Val - Blog to be Alive Says:

    The black dress from DP with the zip looks absolutely awesome on you! I love Monsoon too! They have such beautiful dresses.

  12. ailsa Says:

    oh maaan lauren you HAVE to get that first sequin dress, it is amaaaaazing on you. I love that sequins are in, I am such a sucker for them. So I am stocking up now.

  13. 30 Dresses in 30 Days Says:

    OMG I NEED that green sequined dress. NEED!!!

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