Outfit: Beth Ditto dress… no, NOT that one!

What is it with me, black belts and the colour purple recently? But yes, this dress. I had no intentions of buying this dress – in the photos and even on the hanger, I thought it looked odd and unworkable. I, like every other fatshionista on planet earth, was waiting with fervour for the Infamous Domino Dress instead. The day of the BD launch I took an extra half hour of my lunch break to run down to Marble Arch and try everything on (and I mean everything!) starting with That One. As it turned out, It fitted extremely awkwardly – too long in the body and sleeves and I, being a member of the IBTC, had nothing to fill the chest out with. The silhouette was all wrong as a result.

I hadn’t given any regard to the look of the swirl dress from the promo shots. On the hanger it did intrigue me, and once I’d slipped it on I just felt really good, like I’d been introduced to a future best friend. It’s loose, but because the fabric is so heavy it’s like it’s giving you a lovely, warm hug. It skims the body but doesn’t drown it, which is so rare in plus size clothing, I’m sure you’ll agree. And I had been hankering after a similar hood style for ages, but to no avail. And pockets! I love pockets. These are just the right length to keep my hands out of trouble.

Of course, I snapped it up. Along with another dress which I’ll leave for another post. Do I regret not persevering with That Dress? Not really. If anything I kind of got sick of looking at it after a while! I do regret not buying the cropped biker jacket, which has now sold out, so I’ll have to live vicariously through Val and Xtina!

Hooded dress: Beth Ditto for Evans
Black top: Peacocks
Belt: New Look
Boots: Schuh

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13 Responses to “Outfit: Beth Ditto dress… no, NOT that one!”

  1. gabi Says:

    love it!

  2. Bethamint Says:

    I didn’t even recognise it styled with the cardi and belt but it looks amazing on you. I have serious shoe lust for those boots too!

  3. Sarah Says:

    This has to be the best way anyone’s ever worn this thing. It looks great on you, and I completely dismissed it in stores.

  4. charlottelydia Says:

    It’s super cute. I love purple. Also that domino dress was a bit… I get the point but I think this is much more workable and will last into many seasons! xx

    P.S. your legs look HOTT in this picture.

  5. Deena Says:

    This is easily the best incarnation for this garment I’ve seen and you look fab as per usual! Also lusting after those boots. What size do you wear? :-)

    • thepocketrocket Says:

      Aww thanks lovely! I don’t even know what size my feet are half the time. A wide 5 in Evans, a wide 6 everywhere else, or a narrow 6.5. And all my shoes STILL kill my feet! haha. The boots are a 7 though – had them for years, they were hiding under my bed!

  6. sarah Says:

    boots are gorgeous!

  7. Miss J Says:

    Aw I love it on you! I think this print is cuter than the domino one. Love your blog!


  8. rebelyusoul Says:

    cute! this makes me look at the dress differently. lie you, i wasn’t sold on it in the promo shots but i love how you styled it!

  9. intothesystem Says:

    Aww I love it. I haven’t been in Evans for so long as I’d kinda given up on it, but I think it’s time I get myself down there.

  10. Val - Blog to be Alive Says:

    It looks fabulous on you! I love how your accessorized it!

  11. Frances Says:

    Man, I never gave the swirl dress a second though but it looks fantastic on you!

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