Beyond the Veil

Admittedly I’m rather sceptical when reading interviews with ‘fashion people’. But I was super impressed with this quote from Katie Gallagher, a fiercely talented and genuinely exciting up and coming fashion illustrator and designer:

I’m a firm believer in non-traditional pattern-making and I avoid superfluous seaming and construction in my clothes; seams should follow a woman’s body and thereby accent it… not merely use the amount of fabric that’s the simplest and most inexpensive to cut in a mass market factory.

Preview of Gallagher's SS10 collectionI have no idea whether her ideals translate to different and outsize body types, but it seems a much more inclusive attitude (similar to Angie of I Heart Norwegian Wood’s “equal fashion for all!” mantra) which is really quite refreshing, non?

Even if I’m completely wrong and Gallagher refuses to design for a body above size 4, it’s definitely worth checking out her work so far if you haven’t already. Her garments are STUNNING. The construction is unrivalled – everything is made by Gallagher herself, including a one-off dress fashioned from aluminium springs – and each garment is at once futuristic, fairytale-like and impossibly chic. Not bad for someone who grew up wearing nothing but their pet cat.

If anyone reading this is heading to New York Fashion Week, then do check out her first RTW collection, Veil, this Saturday and come back and tell me all about it… please!


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4 Responses to “Beyond the Veil”

  1. Kirsty Says:

    oh i wish i was heading to new york fashion week – sigh xoxoox

  2. Amy Says:

    I love her! I would also love to go to NYFW… le sigh. One day!

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