Love Letter to Carmakoma

Xtina of The Musings of a Fatshionista (one of my favourite fashion blogs right now, plus or not) recently posted some items from the autumn Carmakoma collection. Carmakoma is entering its third season, and its most recent lookbook has that same strong aesthetic running through that it burst on to the plus fashion consciousness with, just over a year ago.

What makes me positively giddy when it comes to Carmakoma – more than other plus size brands, anyway – is down to more than the clothes themselves, although the clothes themselves are, of course, fab. It’s just so utterly refreshing to see a plus fashion brand actually showcasing their collection as exactly that: fashionable.

Flicking through look books for other companies, I always feel they’re catering to a demographic that doesn’t include me. The appeal is almost certainly aimed at an older, suburbanite, post-children market. Not that older mums don’t deserve to look great, quite the opposite! But the lack of detail, restrained styling and budget-luxe settings seem to reach out only to those who consider themselves too busy to really invest in fashion, happy to touch on the outskirts of a latest trend but not particularly interested in expressing themselves.

Carmakoma are the first to present their clothes in way that speaks to me on a base level. There is an edge, a youthfulness and aloofness present in their styling that has more in common with the austerity of the likes of Alexander Wang than the “responsible working mum” aesthetic so adored by all other outsize brands. Seeing fashionable clothes on models that are not only young, but genuinely plus size and cool to boot, is absolutely empowering for me as a consumer.

So, Carmakoma, I salute you. May you continue blazing a trail through the plus size fashion market for a long, long time! My only request would be that the sizes eventually go even bigger – but until then, I’m saving my Euros for that super hot one-shoulder ruffle dress.


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4 Responses to “Love Letter to Carmakoma”

  1. Katie Says:

    eek, i think your blog’s been all stretched out due to HTML? I can’t read some of your writing, it’s hidden by the pictures? Which do look fab!

  2. Katie Says:

    Oh, it’s sorted now,, must have been when loading the page! Silly me!

  3. Katrin Says:

    Hi Lauren,
    maybe I am just blind, but I didnt found an email adress, so I will write you here.
    I am Katrin from Germany, and I am about starting a fatshionista blog, but it is still not ready and it will be in German. I wanted to ask, if I am allowed to add your link to my link list on my new blog and if you would mine to yours, if you like my blog.


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