Platforms and Aspects

Since my introductory entry was a little on the dry side, I figured I should show my mug as soon as possible. Lucky you! A couple of months ago a friend of mine did a project on individual style for Platform Magazine. It featured pictures of people in their favourite outfits, followed by a few questions on where they shop, etc. Here is the picture used of me:

LBD: Additions Direct
Maribou feather stole:
Leopard print stack platforms: Linzi
Purple tights: Marks and Spencer

Choosing an outfit was initially difficult. As it stands my fashion sense is quite an emotional one, and thus my answer to the question “What’s your favourite outfit?” will differ depending on a variety of factors: what time I woke up, how my last date went, what film I watched last night, how long it’s been since my last chocolate bar and so on.

So after a while faffing and panicing about what I could wear that would reflect me and my sartorial tastes, I hit a brainwave. Instead of choosing an outfit that showcased merely one aspect of my look, I could pick out a variety of pieces that together would collude to that one elusive goal I have in mind while getting dressed: glamour, darling!

Ever since I started being more adventurous with my clothes, all I’ve ever asked for is a little glamour. It doesn’t matter how it presents itself. Obviously I don’t strut around in heels and feather stoles every day, but I always find a way to add a string of pearls, a diamante brooch or an ornamental hair grip to whatever I’m wearing. I never feel comfortable unless I’m slightly overdressed.

So… there you have it. Maybe the end result was terrible and I’m not even qualified to be a fashion blogger, I don’t know. What do you think? Is there one specific look you strive for – glamour, edginess, romance – no matter what?


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5 Responses to “Platforms and Aspects”

  1. Charlotte Says:

    C’est beautiful! Really, you look lovely. And I LOVE the shoes. I’m trying to work (even) more leopard print into my daily wardrobe. I need to embrace the patterns and stop wearing grey/navy/black/navy/grey… x

  2. Sarah Says:

    This is EXCELLENT. I love leopardprint and coloured tights, and the dress & stole are great.

  3. Teresa Says:

    Gorgeous! Love the brooch, the stole, the purple and the red nails. I’m like you – how I dress depends on so many factors. You’ve given me some ideas from my own closet with this outfit :)

  4. Deena Says:

    Instant outfit love!

  5. thepocketrocket Says:

    Thanks everyone! Teresa, glad I gave you some ideas! xx

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